Ready to launch your amazing new startup? That’s great. But have you thought about the programming language to choose for your amazing startup?

Building a web application from scratch is a seriously daunting task. Even if you have a fair share of experience in tech, it can still get really confusing because of the plethora of options that you have.

For simplicity’s sake, we will be keeping our focus on three main languages which are: PHP, .NET and Java. These are widely popular languages among a lot of developers and always get the first look into when the perfect fit for the application is being decided upon.


Things to keep in mind to choose a programming language for your Startup

There are quite a few factors that can be taken into consideration to weigh in all your options. But the ones given below are the prime deciding factors in this situation. The same applies to both startups and also other businesses.

1. Volume of Developers:

When choosing a language to build a web application, it is important to choose from a large talent pool of developers. There are two main reasons for this which are:

a. Firstly, on a budget constraint, you do not want to get involved in the hassle of selecting from a limited stock of developers. This can result in the developers charging very high and also not being completely dedicated towards your project.

b. Secondly, if the language is backed by a smaller developer community, you might face a lot of limitations in functionality and support. With a larger community though, there will always be people trying to develop code for new and unique functionalities and support you.

With respect to the languages we have chosen, an approximate volume of developers are as follows:


dotnet_dvlpr     java_dvlpr


2.Compensation Demands:

Your budget comes in the picture again. Even if you do have a good amount of financial resources during the start of the project, that doesn’t mean its fine to start blowing it away without a plan.

Choosing your developer is a significant aspect of that plan. Since the developer cost of your project is going to be a prime expense, based on the compensation demands of the developers you can plan out your whole budget accordingly.

The average compensation demands of PHP, Java and .Net developers are as follows:

php_dvlpr02    dotnet_dvlpr02   java_dvlpr02


3.Language Capabilities:

Lastly, the most significant factor for choosing a programming language for your startup or business is the capabilities of the language. Given below are some key points of consideration of the languages we chose for comparison.



.NET is a software framework running primarily on Microsoft Windows. It has two components namely: Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Framework Class Library (FCL). CLR which provides different services applications can utilize. FCL is a collection of data structures and services that applications require.

Some Notable features of .NET are:

Interoperability – .NET provides access to functionality and allows interaction between newer and older applications outside its environment.

Language independence – Developers can choose from one of the many languages of the .NET framework. Types and members of class families of any .NET language can be accessed easily.

Base class library – The Base Class Library is composed of classes that are equipped with a plethora of functions available to all languages utilizing .NET like database interaction, web application development, graphic rendering, file reading and writing, XML document manipulation, and many others.

Security – All .NET applications are provided with a common security model. It also includes a lot of in built security features without the need to install third-party plugins.



PHP is a general purpose programming language and a server-side scripting language for web development. The PHP code is interpreted by a web server equipped with a PHP processor module. Free of charge, PHP can be deployed on almost all operating systems, platforms, and web servers.

Some notable features of PHP include:

Open source – PHP is readily available and free of charge. It has a vast developer community that provides support, guidelines and even modules for a number of unique functionalities.

Embedding – A benefit of PHP is that HTML source documents can easily be embedded in the code. This eliminates the need of calling an external file for data processing.

Cross-platform – PHP allows interaction among different operating systems including Linux, Unix, and Windows. Its interface is also compatible with Apache/MySQL.

Object oriented – PHP has the ability to call Windows and Java objects. Furthermore, custom classes can be created so other classes can borrow from them and extend the functionality of PHP.



JAVA: Through its general-purpose, class-based, concurrent, object-oriented nature, Java is a programming language which can be implemented using few dependencies. Application developers need not write different codes so that the application can run in several platforms.

Some notable features of JAVA are

Object oriented – Java is an object oriented language in which everything is presented as an object. This makes development and maintenance easy if the project size is big.

Platform independent – Java can move from one system to another with ease. It has the ability to run the same code on various systems.

Multithread – JAVA is multithreaded. A single JAVA program can have different threads executing simultaneously with very little effort required from the programmer’s side. Each thread gets an equal amount of time from the CPU.

Security – Java runs downloaded code from networks in a secure environment to ensure that it can neither harm the host system with a virus nor read or write files on the hard drive. Java code can also be run with restricted permissions to avoid any chance of damaging the host system.

So in the end, which is the better one? The answer for this question is based purely on your needs and project requirements. While one language can be the best fit for a project, it may not be a good choice for another.

Web Developers , Mobile App Development Companies and even firms providing Business Intelligence Services make use of these key dynamics to determine the best language to be used. Once you’ve analyzed these points according to your project, you’ll be able to derive the right answer to the above question too.

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