Customer Support App Development for Real Estate Industry

A customer support app is a great addition to the list of Real Estate apps. It increases customer proximity and engagement simply by establishing a strong point of contact with them. Some examples of agencies making fortunes with customer support apps are:

Naked Apartments

  • It has been installed by and helped over 100,000 people already.
  • In June 2016, they recorded nearly 3000 home showings booked through the app in one month.

Redfin Real Estate

  • It has a high number of installs which are well over 1 million.
  • In 2015, they generated over $100 million in revenue after with the app being a significant contributor.

Following are some extremely handy features of such an app:

QR Code Scanner

    QR codes for real estate is used very innovatively in the app. The QR code is displayed on ad board outside the property. On scanning it, the user is able to view the agent/agency profile. The profile includes previous work, general information, contact, customer ratings and review etc. Some basic information of the property too can be requested.

Request for Meeting

    The real estate app makes it easy for the customers to arrange a home showing with just the tap of a button. Once the app user decides to view a property, he/she chooses a time slot and a date to fix a meeting. The app notifies the agent/agency about the meeting with an interactive push notification. The benefits of interactive Push Notifications are numerous one of which includes being able to respond to the alerts without interrupting other on going applications.

Urgent Meet Scheduling

    After viewing the property online, the user can schedule an urgent meet through the app if they happen to be in the vicinity of the property. This feature is a remarkable one since it notifies all the agents present nearby allowing them to respond to the urgent call. It is just like the Uber of real estate.

GPS Integration

    GPS integration is an integral feature of this real estate app. It navigates the users to the property, pinpoints the exact location of agents nearby along with their profiles and also estimates their arrival time. This works similarly for the agents/agencies. Although, the app is integrated with Google Maps, experienced Software Development Companies could even also integrate it with custom maps to give the app GPS a unique appearance.

Text Alert Feature

    This custom software solution is a complement of the above two features in case users do not have access to the internet. The app users can call for an urgent meet or even schedule a normal meet at any other date through a text alert. The same works for the agents/agencies, they receive and can confirm meet schedules through text messages.

Real Estate Agent Review

    In the end, after everything is done, the users have to rate the services and give a review. This is then be displayed on the respective profiles. Another advantage of this is that it provides agents/agencies with an overview of their services and suggests room for improvement.

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