Benefits of a Home Repair Estimator or Remodel Calculator App for Real Estate Agents, Companies and Customers

Real Estate agents and prospects can both save time and resources spent on looking for damages to the property they wish to sell. Arranging handymen to carry out the repairs is a tedious and time consuming job. A home repair estimator app will be able to do all that work for you.

The market for a Home Repair Estimator or Remodel Calculator App is still very ripe as not many such repair estimator apps have exploited the market. But this market does hold a lot of promise which is clearly exhibited by apps like “Home Improvement” and “HomeAdvisor’s Home Contractors” who achieved installs in tens of thousands in just a couple of months of their launch.

HomeAdvisors Home Contractors

  • The app has been installed by over 150,000 people.

  • It has been such a big hit that in 2016, the app was integrated with Amazon Echo, Apple TV and Facebook Messenger to allow people to find their professionals through them.

Home Improvement

  • It was launched at some time in the first week of October, 2016.

  • In a few months it has been installed and used by nearly 50,000 users already.


A good home repair estimator app comprises of the following features:

  • App Feature – 3D Property View –  3D home view app feature assist user to view the property in live 3D images and judge the condition of the damage. In this view, apart from the damage display, this amazing real estate app feature would also display the dimensions of the damaged part in order to give the user an idea of the scale of damage. This feature makes the repair estimator app achieve a prominent place in the 7 Real Estate App Development Ideas for 2017.

  • App Feature – In built Notepad App – An in built notepad feature could be useful to list down the damages in the property in a detailed manner along with the dimensions of the damage. This could either be done manually by the user of the app or automatically by the app itself based on the interactive real estate 3D view.





  • App Feature – GPS – This geolocation feature help the agent or owner locate the nearest service men to fix the damages based on the location of the property and list them along with their rates. This data will be collected from a number of platforms and will be backed by customer ratings, reviews and suggestions. It could also include search filters like most highly rated, lowest pricing, nearest location etc.


  • App Feature – Renovation Estimate Calculator – After the user is done choosing the suitable service men for the repairs, the estimate calculator will calculate the total costs of the repairs based on the rates of the repairs and the scale of damage. The user can also select only certain repairs that they wish to carry out while omitting others and the estimates will be calculated accordingly.


  • App Feature – Live Screen Sharing – This estimated data can now be viewed and shared by the app user with anyone in their contact list. A live feed of the notepad can be shared while the person with whom the list is shared can also add or deselect any options.


Certain bonus features of the app can include:


  • Find Handyman – Once the repairs are selected and the user is ready, the app could just go ahead and book the services on its own. Following which the contractor would come and fix the damages.
  • Payment Gateway Integration – A number of payment gateways too can be integrated with the app by experienced mobile app development company so that once the repairs have been made, the handymen could be payed directly through the app immediately.


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