Attn: Real Estate Companies: Get Huge Benefits from a Locality Review Real Estate App Development 

Location is one of the key factors affecting the purchase decision of property buyers. The Neighborhood Review Real Estate App is another prominent App idea which has got the attention of Real Estate Firms.

There haven’t really been any apps on this, though there are the following two very successful websites which have implemented this function:

  1. This site draws in an average monthly traffic of 947,000 users.
  2. They also draw nearly 6000 unique visitors on a daily basis.

  1. The website draws over 650,000 users on an average per month.
  2. Nearly 4,200 unique visitors visit their site daily.


A well marketed app like this attracts new customers looking for properties in specific locations and also increase conversions by drawing in only relevant prospects. Learn here how to market your Mobile App. [PHP Team: Please link to –]


A location review app could include features like:


  • Livability Score – The livability score of a particular area would be a score defining how good the location is which would be derived from of a number of other parameters. These factors include, but are not limited to:
  •        Education Rate – Includes the average education level of the people in and around that area.
  •        Crime Rate – The average statistics of all types of crimes that take place over there.
  •        Cost of Living – Based on average cost of basic everyday necessities and expenses.
  •        Amenities – Average proximity of access to all basic and advanced amenities.
  •        Weather Conditions – Average weather conditions that prevail all through the year including extreme weathers and normal conditions.
  •        Population – Current population of the location along with estimated growth rate and population history


  • GPS Integration – The Geolocation functionality in the app would be used to pinpoint the location of interest and areas around it. It could also serve the function of detecting the location the user is at and provide the details of the same.


  • Need Based Recommendation Engine – Not everyone knows the exact location they want to move to. For those app users, the Area Review Real Estate App would collect data like priorities of the various factors like Office Address, Spouse’s Office Address, children’s school’s location etc. and the smart app will recommend the most suitable locations based on that data.   


  • Resident Reviews – Actual human reviews too play an important role in establishing the trust of a consumer on a location of their interest. With this feature, the app users could be asked to fill out a short survey of the location they used to reside at and rate the same accordingly. This review would then be displayed under the livability score of the location. In order to carry this out well, the user can be asked to take a short survey during sign up even.


The Google Fact: The locality livability review is such a promising field that even Google conducted a case study on the possibility of a similar app. It was named “Livable”. Google also plans to execute this app in the near future.

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