Augmented Reality App Development – the trend is Catching On for Real Estate Industry

With an Augmented reality app for real estate, agencies and agents do not have to leave much up to the imagination of the prospective buyer and can even show them projects which haven’t been fully constructed, to convince and convert them easily.


Augmented reality is a fairly new technology and all businesses are working on exploiting its benefits.


Some remarkable features of a real estate augmented reality app can include:


Augmented Reality Real Estate – The first and foremost feature of the app would have to be to provide the users with an interactive AR preview of the property, which would be displayed right in front of them. This could be done in two ways, either with the help of a physical catalogue with the property listings in them or just by choosing one of the properties listed in the app itself.

Interactive AR view – The preview could be more helpful if it could be made interactive. In the interactive  view, the user could select parts/locations of the property to see an expanded view of it along with its details which could include dimensions, the materials used to make it etc. For this, you will require the help of expert Unity 3D Developers experienced in making Augmented Reality apps.

Augmented Reality Street View – Along with the property, as an added feature to this real estate app, it could also provide users with some of the street view outside the property in AR. It could also provide some details of the places/locations along the street.

Live AR Disaster Management preview – Disaster management is a highly important issue and often people are worried about the measures that have been taken in building the property to tackle such situations. In cases like this, a live AR view of these measures could really win your customer’s trust. For instance, the app could display the safety measures that are unlocked in the event of a fire displaying the fire exits, the water from the sprinklers above etc. It could include a complete detailed drill of such an incident.


We at Matrid are having rich experience and knowledge in the multi-dimensional domain of Real Estate and amazing world of Augmented Reality. Do contact Matrid now to design and develop a breath-taking  Augmented Reality App for your Real Estate Venture.


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