Top 10 Clothing Website Designs with the Perfect Conversion Attire

It’s a known fact that websites are a digital impression of a business and reflect its brand, its image online. Clothing websites too follow the same pattern and rely heavily on displaying their dress samples on models. Their prime goal is to get a user exploring the website and their products, with the ultimate […]

Payment Gateway Migration

Encyclopedia of eCommerce Upgrade / Migration: Part 5
Payment Gateway Migration

Payment gateways are a merchant service provided to retailers especially those who conduct their business online to authorize payment processing. PayPal and are prominent examples of these services. Payment gateways are another integral part of the sales process that helps to close the […]

Comprehensive Analysis and Migration of eCommerce Platform Shipping Methods

Encyclopedia of eCommerce Upgrade / Migration: Part 4
Comprehensive Analysis and Migration of eCommerce Platform Shipping Methods

An integral part of any eCommerce business is the shipping methods that are being used. Being able to offer the lowest shipping rates whilst covering all costs and a variety of options with an efficient delivery time is […]

Top 7 Mobile App Trends that will Thrive in 2018

The year 2017 was exceptional in terms of mobile app development. It witnessed a lot of innovation and creativity and also brought a lot of industries to the realization that a mobile strategy was no more just an optional investment. The overall usage of mobile devices too saw a significant increase.

Based on everyday needs […]

How to use Instant Apps for Marketing and User Acquisition

A while back, Android introduced the concept of Instant apps and quite soon enough also began implementing it. Android instant apps are those that do not require any installation and can be used directly with the help of a link.

Instant apps are basically smaller units or modules of complete apps that can be used […]

Why are Magento Mobile App Builders not very effective?

Running an eCommerce store in such a competitive market nowadays is not really easy. One has to keep up with consumer demand and the latest strategies of engagement in order to stay ahead of the game. With the exponential growth of mobile devices and users, a good mobile strategy has become one of the […]