The Latest Trends for Mobile Apps in 2017

The global use of mobile for internet 52.7% along with 75.1% of US consumer accessing the mobile internet.In the year of 2015,the online retail sales have been influenced by the mobile advertising to the range of over $1 trillion.Mobile compatibility became one of the factors to rank the websites by Google.

There is around 80% of time estimated to be spent on mobile apps, for online shopping, making them as digital tools of customer interaction.The Mobile Apps designed on feature of User Experience are more likely to influence the customers & even attracting the target audience.In order to combat the far-reaching competition of mobile commerce, mobile apps are the savior,which can make your online business stand out from the rest.For an instance with over 1.5 millions apps available, Apple store is crowned as a second largest app store.

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Current Trends which are changing the future of Mobile Apps are:

1) Artificial Intelligence : The advantage of getting the visibility of powerful insights by blending the complex systems with cognitive interfaces & advanced analytics has made the trend setters like eBay, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber to implement this technology for getting in parallel with demanding innovations.Amazon has evolved their shipping technology with Anticipatory shipping which is making the use of predictive analytics algorithms, which help to get the future decisions for pricing & products along with ideal customer experience. The Amazon Lex integration has been announced by Amazon web services, helping the mobile developers & coders in creating the interactive interfaces like chatbots for their apps.

2) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality : We all heard of the gaming apps like Sky Siege, iOnRoad and Pokemon Go which fairly spread everywhere when it was released.Companies like SEFT & Northern Lighting have implemented this Augmented Reality technology for their custom apps to offer a 3D view of their products, which enables an easy understanding of even the technical aspects heedless of any support executive.Google has also updated their technology platform of the SDK of Tango mobile vision with the new environmental lighting functionality.

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3) Hybrid App Development : The mobile app development technique has the advantage of being less-expensive, multi-operating system OS.This involves the implications of HTML, CSS, Javascript & uses the WebView, which is a chromeless browser window that runs the full screen. This is a developer’s favorite as it allows them to target more than one platform. For having the best user performance, native apps are still preferred.

4) LBS(Location Based Service) and Beacons : No matter whether you are offline or online, this beacon technology covers it all. Companies like Google & Apple have already launched their Google Beacon & iBeacons. This is the new face of personalized app marketing where the user receive the required information & offer with the help of location based technologies.

5) Growing need of Wearables : The launch of various wearables like Apple Watch series 1 & 2, Xiaomi band 2, pebble 2, etc have enhanced the way to have mobile apps. Within the leap of one year from 2015 to 2016, a huge increase of 29% of wearables being shipped have made this technology the next development trend of mobile apps, which gives a new face to mobile applications on different screens & also add as a new way to experiment the various ways to develop exciting feature for mobile app by the mobile app developers.

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