Get Huge Benefits from the Real Estate Mobile App Development for Real Estate Listings, Property Information & Property Search

Looking for property to invest in either by renting or buying is not an easy task. It demands for the most invaluable resource of the prospect, which is “Time” and this is often exactly what they lack.

A property information app could be a great resource for your prospects. There are a number of Real Estate Apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, but still there are many uncovered areas and niche markets which you can explore and reap super rich benefits. Mobile App development is better than ever before, so it is the right time to plan an app for real estate businesses, whatsoever size it may be.

Following are some prominent features that a Property Information App includes, but not limited to:

  • Real Estate Listings – The most basic information that such an app should include is a list of properties available for renting, buying, commercial uses etc. These could be viewed by the public by signing up through any of their social media accounts. Social Media Signups help you grab your customer’s social behaviour and friend circle as well, which increases your reach, on an average giving you a 100 new prospects with the sign up of just one.


  • Personalized App Appearance as per Customer Requirement (New): – Given that you now have access to your prospect’s social behaviour, you can even personalize your app to cater to the taste of your individual customers thereby increasing customer engagement and proximity.
    If you are a small or medium scale Real Estate Company, you have an added advantage. You know your customer more closely, so you can personalize your customer experience and listings even without knowing his social behavior.


  • Extensive Search Filters- To give more relevant results and for the convenience of the user the search results are filtered based on

    • Price Filters– Pricing filter arranges your list either from low price to high price or vice versa or even by the custom range defined by user.

    • Location Filter – Let the user specify exact location and custom define the radius around the location.

    • Property Purpose- Let the user filter results based on the purpose of the property i.e. rent, buy, commercial use etc.

    • Property Status – Is the property for sale under construction, has it been launched recently, or has it been around for a while.

    • Property basics information – Is it a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment or a row house? Is it available for moving in immediately or will the user have to wait a while? Also let the user define the area or size of the property that they feel will be suitable for their needs.


  • Property Information – Once user sees a property that suits his/her needs, it is apparent that they will want to know a little more about it. Include other information like:

    • Dimensions of the whole house as well as dimensions of the individual rooms in the house.

    • Some history of the house which could include the year it was constructed, previous tenants and any other such information that might catch their eye.

    • Builder information and other projects done by them to establish a sense of credibility on the builder.

    • Materials used for the flooring, the walls, the foundation etc. Also state the safety measures adopted for to cope with various disasters and other phenomena.

    • Provide a complete and detailed sheet of the floor plans as designed by the architect as a bonus feature. The architect’s name and information could also be included.


  • Interactive Panorama View – Include an interactive 3D view of the house both from the street and the inside of the property to let the users view it as if they were present right at the scene. As an added feature, this view could also provide the dimensions of the house live in the 3D view. Technically, you will need app developers having rich experience in UNITY 3D and Augmented Reality App Development.


  • Property Distance Calculator from Customer’s Preferred Locations (New): The App could include an innovative feature to provide the distance and accessibility of key locations from the selected property of the prospective buyer. E.g. a customer can enter the following key addresses :

    • His/Her Office Address

    • His/her spouse’s office address

    • School address of kids


Based on the above information, the property app could show the distance and accessibility of the above locations from the properties shortlisted. The results could be shown in a comparison format like given below:


Property1 Property2 Property3
Self Office 7 Miles by local train (with a changeover) 11 Miles by local train (direct link) 15 Miles by local train(direct link)
Spouse Office 9 miles by local train(direct link) 16 miles by local train(with a changeover) 6 miles in personal conveyance (no local train)
Kids School 8 miles in personal conveyance (no local train) 14 miles by local train(direct link) 12 miles by local train (with a changeover)


  • Wish list feature – If user is double minded about a property and decides to wait on the decision in the hope of a better deal or if the property is not available at the moment and ready for a bid, a wish list feature could help user keep the property fresh in their memories and willing to purchase as soon as possible.


  • Live messaging – Use the live messaging feature to allow user to talk about the property in a little more detail with a human being to listen their recommendation and take on it. The other person could either be the current owner of the house, the broker or the real estate agent.


  • Interactive Push notifications – Push notifications are a great way to notify prospects about better deals, new offers, recently available properties and even updates on the properties they had in their wish list. Make these simple push notifications interactive and let them take quick action on the matter like reserving a schedule for a meet at the property, messaging and agent etc. Read here How to Implement Push Notifications on your websites and mobile apps.


  • Price Negotiation / Bargaining / Bidding Feature (New): This feature would be a completely new and innovative feature. Investors looking to invest in a property could bid and book the property through real estate listings app itself to secure their ownership. Bids could be placed using virtual money in the app which would have to be bought by paying a nominal fee. This way, simple real estate apps could become a complete platform to forge property deals.


Some Property Information Apps doing wonders with their app by using just a few of the above features are:

  • App

    • It has been installed by over 3 million users.

    • It lists over 4 million houses for users to view.

  • PadMapper

    • Since its launch, it has been downloaded by over 500 thousand users.

    • It was then acquired by Zumper, for nearly $10 million in cash and stock since it showed so much promise.


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