E-Learning & Education

Our customized educational solutions not only improve workforce performance, but also enhance innovation by moving ahead of traditional learning.

Benefit from Matrid Technologies’ years of experience and domain expertise in education through our customized educational and e-learning solutions which help improve your customer satisfaction and workforce performance.

The education industry has undergone a makeover owing to technology. Virtual learning has led to the development of flexible modules for learning and pushes the envelope for education, even as the growing economy takes advantage of intellectual classroom resources. Online learning is the education industry’s new frontier. Online education increases the efficiency of training and offers cost savings as well.

Opportunities and Challenges

Students are back in control as flexible learning modules based on advanced technology gain prominence. Web applications, smartphones and web tutorials are among the web-enabled devices through which students have access to content. Results and tracking have become better as students decide how, when and where the learning sessions are held.

Online Engagement: Cost constraints do not allow as many photographs, audio and video, among other diversified media, to be incorporated into traditional learning as many as in online learning. Facebook and Twitter are among the social media that can be integrated into online learning to increase user involvement and make it an engaging and two-way process.

Revenue Gains: You can syndicate the contents of virtual classrooms abroad, besides offering direct access within institutions. The process of learning becomes more streamlined as scheduling, enrolment, space and other such physical constraints are reduced by online classes.

How Matrid Technologies Provides Value for Your Business

Our consultants understand the education industry very well and how technology can enhance the learning process. We have partnered with various colleges, universities, schools and corporations over the past decade or so to make the most of IT tools and software solutions to make the learning process better.

Product Developers: As the world of technology has been revolutionized, e-learning has gained acceptance in the marketplace and has become feasible as a platform for education. We can help you connect with customers in this growing industry through the development of educational games or apps.

Corporations: Efficiently manage the training of your employees and help them expand their knowledge base by utilizing the solutions we develop for you.

Educational Services and Licenses:Reduce your expenses while offering a wide range of opportunities for learning to students and making use of web-based or mobile educational solutions accessible on a number of platforms. Track the progress of both educators and students using the exceptional analytical capabilities we offer you.

Matrid Technologies’ E-Learning and Education Services

  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Online Apps for E-Learning
  • Mobile Apps for Learning
  • Websites for Remote Learning
  • Web Portals/Applications
  • Interactive Applications for Gaming
  • Solutions for Virtual Classrooms
  • Content Management Solutions compliant with SCORM/AICC

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