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According to research, the media and entertainment industry is expected to witness a growth of 5.7% in the coming years. It has been estimated that the compound revenue for the industry will amount to 2.1 trillion during the upcoming five years. Content producers and distributors have found business success through avenues that include online games such as Angry Birds and social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. By the end of 2015, online game in-game purchases are expected to have revenue turnaround of nearly 11 billion dollars. Evidently, the online consumer’s psyche is undergoing dramatic change and businesses can take advantage of technology to gain market share.

Opportunities and Challenges

Customer Retention: Like any other industry, it’s significant to retain existing customers while nurturing new relationships. There is a pressing need to analyze the behavior of existing customers and to introduce innovative media concepts based on that. Even while attracting new customers, enterprises have to effectively cultivate relationships with users loyal to their brands.

Generation of Interest through Communication: Fostering a sense of community is just as essential for the media and entertainment industry as the publishing or broadcasting of content, including publication of games driven by innovation. Enterprises can facilitate the engagement of users with their products by bringing their social endeavors into line with their media solutions.

User Experience: Providing a user experience which is unique is essential due to the ruthless competition in the media and entertainment industry. To ensure that users can derive the maximum benefit from them, you have to ensure extensive testing of your media applications, along with strong development and execution. The damage that even a small technical issue with your application can cause your online brand may be immeasurable.

Content Monetization: In order to convert incoming traffic into revenue streams, businesses have to adopt a visionary approach in an online market which is evolving constantly. The media industry finds favor as a platform for branding messages and advertisements as it offers far greater audience engagement than other industry verticals.

Multiple Platform Integration: Consumers of media in the contemporary world don’t stick to any particular media platform. They go in for diverse experiences and laptops, smartphones, desktops and tablets are among the devices they use. The evolving demands of the market can perhaps be met in the best way through native applications accessible through multiple platforms.

How Matrid Technologies Provides Value for Your Business

Media aggregators and micro-game applications that work across various devices and channels, in addition to content platforms, are among the state of the art media and entertainment solutions we offer you. Our software experts and solution developers work together to create applications that strengthen the presence of your brand throughout the industry.

Analysis and Optimization of Business: We help you decide on the most optimum pricing packages which are in step with the evolving needs of your markets, in addition to the best ways to approach the markets and, before that, which markets to approach. Our solutions for media and entertainment help improve your business’ capabilities for decision making through business analytics developed from social data and sources.

Transformation of Business Processes: Our media solutions help optimize your business processes through a service-oriented architecture that allows you to leverage your business model to its maximum potential. Our solutions are applicable throughout your enterprise and allow third-party vendor integration, among other ways of automation of content flow for digital media.

Multi-Channel Approach: Dedicated user interaction, B2B and B2C commerce solutions, full-cycle campaigns for marketing and HTML5 application development for iOS and Android mobile devices are among the wide ranging solutions we offer to help you create new avenues for revenue generation and provide better customer experience. So, we adopt a multi-channel approach to our media solutions.

Managed and Secure Infrastructure: We offer enterprise security solutions for iOS and Android mobile devices. We ensure secure and optimized performance of unique media channels, networks, systems and assets through the management tools we offer you.

Management of Media Information: Our media and entertainment solutions enable businesses to use technology to integrate distinctive media systems. We help you establish processes to enable the capture, storage, management, preserving and delivery of data. Our solutions offer you a holistic and reliable view on information related to your consumers.

Matrid Technologies’ Media & Entertainment Services

  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Inventory and Distribution Management
  • Web Portals/Applications
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Mobile Applications
  • Workflow Management
  • Legacy Migration
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Development/Digital Supply Chain Management
  • Full-Cycle CRM/ERP Solutions

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