Device Specific Online Sales Process (Desktop/Mobiles) for SVN Diamonds

SNV Diamonds

How we helped SVN Diamonds, a $1.15 billion American Diamonds company, create a compelling user experience for desktop and mobile devices.

SNV Diamonds. is a high profile Diamond seller in USA. Established in 1998, SVN Diamonds has physical stores across the globe apart from selling its diamonds on 5 web fronts shipping the diamonds world-wide. They have a market value of $1.15.

SNV is an established international manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Investment Grade: Certified Rare White, Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, Diamond Rough & Hand-Crafted Custom Jewelry Objects D’Art in all specifications. SNV provides world class investment grade diamonds to: Dealers, Wholesalers, Auction Houses, Jewelry Designers, Luxury Retailers and Individual Clientele worldwide. SNV’s expert artisans, cutters/polishers, gemmological and diamond acquisition staff look forward to exceeding all expectations.

Diamonds have a very unique process of online sales. It is not same as selling clothing, shoes or furniture. Diamonds are very unique in itself. Its shape, compatibility with a ring or bangle apart from the well known features of carat, size etc. require a very distinctive process of generating an online sale.

Further, it is a kind of article where a customer compares 100s of diamonds before closing a sale. It is not always convenient for the customer to buy on the laptop or desktop. A loving hubby or a vigilant lady would surf for days watching high cost diamonds before closing a deal, so a unique process to buy it through mobile devices gets impertinent so as the prospective customer can see it while on the move, in the office bus or while picking her kid from school bus.

We designed a very customer friendly process to enable a customer buy a diamond, match it to a ring size or setting, or a bangle size or setting. Another lighter version was created for the mobile devices. It is a web based version without the requirement of downloading any platform specific app, though, still it is easy to load on a slow internet or on the move. It helped company double its internet sales from the previous quarter immediately after the launch of the new dual version/buying process of the website. It is distinct from a responsive website, responsive was one of the solutions in the consideration, but unfortunately was not feasible for diamond trade, so this unique design and device specific process helped our client scale up quickly.