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Development With React Native

React Native is a robust development technology created by Facebook that lets you build hybrid mobile apps using only JavaScript. So all you need is a developer well versed in JavaScript to create an amazing native iOS, Android AND Windows application. React Native gives you the flexibility to create highly interactive and UI rich mobile apps a lot faster.

Even if you’re looking to simply augment your existing native app, our React Native developers can do that too. It smoothly combines with components written in Objective-C, Java or Swift. Your app will run with incredible efficiency even if part of it is built using native code and the other part using React Native. That’s how the Facebook app works.

With React Native, you can say goodbye to those hybrid web apps with a web view that consumes so much of the user’s data. It gives you a native app that functions exactly like a platform specific app would do without any extra costs.

Our team of highly experienced and expert React Native programmers shorten the development lifecycle significantly and provide you with intuitive applications ready to be launched extremely fast.

Why Choose React Native to Develop Apps?

For someone looking to create an incredible application, React Native entails a number of benefits. A few of them are:


Cut Down on

With React Native, you only need expert JavaScript developers to create a native application for multiple platforms from scratch.


Faster Development

Since all apps are written in JavaScript and can be easily combined with native components, development with React Native is a lot faster than others.


No Downtime During Updates

Hot reloading allows React Native apps to be changed extensively in the backend without disrupting the app. A simple refresh reflects all changes coded.


Native User Interface

React Native developers use the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular native apps. JavaScript just makes them easier to use.


High Compatibility with Native Code

React Native apps can also be combined with components from native code if required without hurting their performance or efficiency.

The Matrid Advantage

Xamarin is often termed as the “King of Cross Platform App Development”. Here is why:

Highly Experienced Developers

We have been in the industry for over 15 years and employ a huge team of highly skilled developers. A majority of them are equipped with over a decade of experience in app development.


Cost Effective Rates

One of our unique selling points is our cost effective rates. We aim to successfully deliver the projects to our clients at the best possible rates with absolutely no compromise on the quality of the product.


Total Discretion

We know the value of a unique idea and appreciate it completely. Hence, we maintain total discretion while working with you and are also willing to sign an NDA for that matter.


No Hidden Costs

Matrid Tech prides itself over the fact that we are a 100% clear and transparent with our costs. We charge reasonably only for the things that should be charged for and clarify everything before initiating the project.


Best Quality of Service

At Matrid, it is our aim to provide the best quality of service to keep you ahead of today’s competitive market. More than just satisfying our clients, we believe in delighting them by delivering something better than expected.

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