Fact: Shopping Campaigns cannot deliver without smart competitive pricing analysis

Google Shopping Campaigns + Competitive Pricing Analysis + Product Listing Management

Most ecommerce entrepreneurs or their marketing consultants miss the harsh fact that any Google Shopping campaign whether Standard, Smart or Performance Max, can deliver results without considering how your competitors are pricing their inventory and how their product pages are performing.

We have our patented methodology which delivers 100% results. Our algorithm which handles shopping campaign recommendations encompasses free daily competitive pricing analysis and product listings enhancements. We do not only recommend, but handle 3 -dimensional management of your campaigns. We say it: Campaigns + Pricing Analysis + Product Listing Enhancements.

Why Matrid for your Google Shopping Campaigns

Our Patented 3-Dimensional Patented Technique Makes us Unique

The Matrid Advantage


3 Dimensional Approach

It is Shopping Campaigns with Pricing Strategies. We have done it for many clients and it works with a higher CTR.


A Sureshot Winning Strategy

When you have one head working on both pricing & marketing decisions, it surely delivers.


Dedicated Resource

You get a dedicated resource working for your campaigns, pricing and marketing strategies. Available on call twice every week.


No Hidden Costs

We do not work on percentage of spend, so no interest in increasing your budget to increase our revenue.


Domain Expertise

We take only the clients where we have domain expertise. If you have not worked before for your type of industry or your product range, we would not take your project.

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