Global Product Sourcing and Bidding Application

Having more than 10 years of experience in retailing and import of a varied product ranges from different countries, this U.S. based enterprise was dealing with a complex problem to effectively manage its product sourcing processes and growing list of vendors across the globe.

We developed a bidding cum product sourcing platform for this client to help them source raw materials, semi-finished, finished products and other components from authorized vendors spread across five countries. Problem was to enroll maximum vendors, manage them efficiently and effortlessly, help them bid on continuously coming through new orders from client.

We developed a centralized solution which helped:

  • Easy enrolment, legal documentation and approval of Vendors
  • Direct listing of products, its components to the bidding app from the client’s ERP and eCommerce portals
  • Process to invite selected vendors to bid
  • Easy Bidding facility with imaging and drawings
  • Language support for different countries
  • iOS and Android Apps

Our system helped our client grow exponentially by streamlining this crucial part of his business.

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