Flutter Development Company

Flutter is a mobile app SDK for creating mobile apps with rich and fluid native interfaces for both iOS and Android and is powered by Google.It offers best Cross-Platform App Development by keeping single codebase. Features like hot reload, widget libraries help to build beautiful native apps in record time. Flutter can also create great web apps with the same single codebase that is used to create mobile apps.

At MATRID, being a prominent Flutter App Development Company, we passionately develop beautiful and functionally-rich mobile apps and web apps crafted to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Flutter For Mobile App Development

Complete with a rich widget, framework & tool Flutter comes with remarkable perks. Allows developers to create stunning apps for iOS and Android platforms in record time.


Single Codebase

Flutter single codebase allows to create apps for both iOS and Android platforms by writing only single code in Dart and this is a huge benefit as it reduces the development time to almost half then native.


Fast Development

Due to the usage of a single codebase it makes the development speed faster. Also Flutter’s hot reload enables you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs faster.


Customized Interface

We can create customized UI with the use of animations and those animations can also be customized accoding to your need. Also Flutter provides so many different design widgets which gives the apps a very fresh and impressive and user friendly look.


Proprietary Widgets

Flutter provides a number of widgets(Pre-ready combinations of views & functionality)that help you build both web apps and mobile apps that follow native like Material Designs and also keeps the essence of both Android and iOS operating system’s alive.

Empower Your Business With Matrid’s Flutter App Development Services.


Cross Platform App Development

We’ll help you to embrace your mobile strategy stronger by building high-quality multi-platform mobile apps for both iOS and Android Platform. Also we can use the same codebase to turn it into a web app which will reduce your effort to create an interface to be run on web browsers.


Get personalized services with us

Get personalized assistance services which brings you closer to your customer’s needs with our customized Flutter app development services.We will assist you right from giving shape to your ideas till the apps launch and their advertisement.


End-to-End Project Management

Our Flutter developers will be there from starting of the requirement gathering phase to the final delivery of the app, we handle everything to ensure quality project outcome.We will also help you with the right distribution and launch strategy.


Quick support & maintenance

Our team will help you with troubles of any complexity level by providing workarounds & Bug-fixes to a security audit and application enhancements.We will also be available to maintain your product quality & feature additions.