Patches Free Magento

Get rid of hassles of Magento Security Patches

with our Patch-Free-Magento Program

You know, It is critically important to keep your Magento Setup Up To Date with latest Security Patches. It may keep your whole setup and vital payment information of your customers vulnerable to hackers and malware attackers. Ironically, it is too cumbersome and time consuming to remain up to date. Choosing not to do so is also too bad for business in terms of lost trust and transactions.

Matrid’s Patch-Free-Magento Program

  • We analyse your website for all of missing patches
  • We make it Up To Date by installing all the patches
  • We take care of your website for full next year – Patches Installed as soon as these are released
  • It costs only $69 per month (payable annually)
  • Any conflicts with existing extensions will be chargeable extra

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