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Efficient operations lie at the core of Matrid Technologies’ IT services for real estate. We combine these with extensive experience in offshoring and management of functions such as lease administration, accounting and analytics.

Strong connections form the basis of any real estate enterprise. With time, many businesses have embraced change and adopted new ways of engaging with customers. A number of industry surveys have underlined a shift in the searching patterns of consumers, who have moved towards mobile applications from corporate portals. Since 2010, mobile applications’ traffic share is said to have increased dramatically by about 275%. So, real estate businesses have to adopt advanced technology in order to expand their reach.

Opportunities and Challenges

Focus on Management of Leads and Consolidation of Sales Process: Lease or sale of property may not always result from a large number of leads received in your inbox. More leads, in fact, call for more effort. A greater ROI can only come through a consolidated sales process that yields qualified leads.

Centralization of Data from Real Time Inventories: The Multiple Listing Service or MLS system has become outdated with the evolution of industry practices in keeping with technological advancements. To smoothen realtors’ workflow, MLS needs to be replaced with a CMS tool that offers syndication from a single source.

Regulations and Compliance: To enhance services for consumers, regulations for lease, finance and sale of real estate are brought forth by local governments globally. Stipulations for licensing and regulation of real estate auctions, home inspections and appraisals are among such regulations, which vary from state to state.

How Matrid Technologies Provides Value for Your Business

Matrid Technologies aims to bring businesses closer to the consumers. You can get better results through our business solutions which help you harmonize your offline and online efforts. We work with you to help you get the most out of our solutions and meet your needs to the fullest. We develop mobile and iPad applications, as well as portals, through which you can connect with prospective customers and show them the properties on offer. You can also gain a competitive advantage for your real estate business through a full-cycle CRM solution that we can develop for you.

Increase in Efficiency: Your real estate business’ overall efficiency increases when you harmonize your offline and online business activities and simplify processes, such as those related to scheduling of inspections, through the solutions we offer you. You can maximize the potential of your property portfolio and reduce overall costs by automating your business systems through the comprehensive admin panel we provide you with.

Secondary Services: Analyze trends and statistics to understand customer behavior and make your sales process more powerful.

Regulatory Compliance: Comply with local as well as federal government regulations while expanding customer reach through software solutions accessible on multiple platforms. Our solutions range from mobile solutions that combine SMS and email alerts with real estate listings to customized CMS and CRM solutions.

Matrid Technologies’ Real Estate Services

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