ains in terms of increased on6 August 1991 was the day when the World Wide Web became publicly available. Businesses soon realized its importance, usefulness and the opportunities it offered for promoting and selling their products/services to customers globally. To capitalize on these opportunities, businesses got developed static websites in the 90s, which eventually provided them gline business visibility and more customers and sales.

Today, conditions for web-based businesses are quite different from the conditions in the 1990s. Technologies related to the internet have evolved and become more advanced. Competition among businesses has become fiercer. Customers have become more educated and well informed and they expect businesses to provide them fast information and desired experiences. Businesses need higher productivity and performance levels, lowered expenses and enhanced income. To effectively deal with such challenges, online businesses have to go beyond a static website and instead opt for a dynamic website. By getting created a dynamic and high performance website from proficient ASP Dot Net developers, businesses can bring great improvement in various aspects of their business like customer experience and engagement, interaction and communication with users, SEO, content management, etc., which eventually will help their business grow and prosper more.

Before revealing to you the various benefits a dynamic website can provide for your online business, we would like to tell you about the basic difference between static and dynamic websites.

Static Website

Static banner

A static website is a website whose data remains static or unchanged. So each viewer coming to the website will get the same visual and content experience irrespective of his location or the number of times he visits the site. Also, it has got limited functionality.

A static website is coded with only HTML and CSS. The content displayed on its various pages is located in the coding of respective pages. A static website requires a low cost host for running.

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Dynamic Website

Dynamic website

The information contained in a dynamic website changes as per viewers’ interest and preferences. The website tracks the amount of time visitors spend on its specific pages and what they click there, the particular time in a day they access the site, their native language, geographical location, etc. Based on this gathered information, the information changes in the website whenever a particular user accesses it. So every user will get a unique, different and enhanced experience on the dynamic website every time he visits it and irrespective of his stage in his shopping process. This consequently improves the engagement levels of the visitors.

A dynamic website is not only coded with HTML and CSS, but it also mixes coding with programming. The content of a dynamic website is stored in a single place known as database. A dynamic website requires a better server for managing dynamic data and traffic received by it. It has got advanced functionality.


It’s now time to share with you the advantages that dynamic websites hold over the static ones:-

1.Ease of Editing

To be successful, a website needs to change as per the new changes and developments which are constantly taking place on the internet. Making these updates to a static site consumes a lot of time and effort of developers which adds to the costs. This is not the case with a dynamic website. Whether you need to get rid of the old content, bring in new content or alter the basic

design of your dynamic website, developers can easily and quickly do it, leading to fast and efficient website updation.

Even if you do not have enough knowledge of HTML coding, you can still yourself make edits and updates to your dynamic website. You need not rely on a website developer to do this for you.

Suppose you want to change the font of your website as you are no longer liking it. You just have to click a button and all the font on every page of the dynamic site will change automatically. But in the case of the static website, you will have to go into the code of every page of your site and change the entire font manually.

2. Better Content Management

CMS or content management system is a database of content that lets you easily publish new blog posts on the blog page of your dynamic website. For doing this, you simply have to go in the content management system, add a new blog post and fill out a basic template. You need not perform the hard part of designing the page and formatting it as this is automatically done by the CMS. The new blog post will also automatically update on its own, so you need not update it yourself. The dynamic website also allows you to show the most recent or important content on its various pages.

3. Provides Personalized Experience to Users

Based on the location of your visitors, the language they speak, specific pages of the site they access and the amount of time they spent on them, the actions they perform on the pages, products they purchase, etc., you can provide them a unique and personalized experience every time they visit your dynamic site. So no two users will have the same experience on your site.

The dynamic website allows you to provide visitors the information and products they are looking for straight away, which saves them from the hassles of finding them themselves.

This example will help you better explain this. Suppose you have an online shoe selling store that caters to all kinds of customers. Your dynamic website will automatically direct the parents of children to the children’s shoes page, men to the men’s shoes page and women to women’s shoes page.

By providing personalized experiences to your visitors, you would be able to better engage them and retain their loyalty. So they are likely to visit your store again and again and shop your products, thus generating more sales and revenue for you.

4. Mobile Friendly Design

mobile friendly

Nowadays, around 50 percent of people are using the internet from their mobile phones for searching the products or services they want to purchase. As the success of web based businesses depends on mobile friendliness, they can ill afford to ignore this huge segment of internet users.

Dynamic websites have a mobile friendly design which allows businesses to reach out to mobile phone based internet users and promote their products and offers among them. Also, the dynamic sites have a fast loading time, so businesses can avoid losing potential customers due to slow load time.

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5. Improved SEO

The database of a dynamic website enables relevant data and content to be displayed on its different pages in an organized and structured way and as users want to view them. This content can be in the form of product pages and catalogues of related items which can be sorted in various ways.

Creating new and meaningful content about their products or services and updating it quickly on their dynamic website from time to time enables businesses to improve their SEO performance and rank higher in the search engine result pages.

Greater visibility in the search engine results enables businesses to reach to the right people who are looking for the products or services offered by them. The content created by them enhances knowledge and understanding of prospective buyers and influences them to purchase their products or hire their services. This consequently improves their profitability.

6. Automation of Tasks

Businesses need to perform certain repetitive tasks like sending messages or notifications to employees, customers and other relevant people. This wastes their time and makes them lose focus from their core tasks. Programming in the dynamic websites helps to automate such tasks, thus saving valuable time and effort of businesses besides letting them focus on their business in an unhindered way.


The only downside of a dynamic website is that it initially requires more time to build whereas static website takes less time to build. Also, building the former costs more than building the latter. But this pays off with time as the dynamic website can be easily and quickly updated multiple times in the future whenever required. In comparison to this, updating a static website requires a lot of time and effort which naturally pushes up costs.

After knowing the advantages of dynamic websites, you can better decide whether to go for a dynamic website which enables your online business to offer new, fresh and updated content quickly to your visitors and customers on a constant basis for engaging them or just persist with a static website whose clunky and outdated content puts off visitors and makes you lose sales and business enhancing opportunities.

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