Transportation & Logistics

Our solutions are driven by innovation and can help revolutionize your logistics business.

Matrid Technologies’ transportation and logistics solutions help organizations manage the growing challenges of volatile markets and gain from their investments in technology.

Logistics are among the driving forces of an economy. The American transportation industry used waterways, roadways and railways to move $12 trillion worth of goods, weighing 13 billion tons, in 2010. 3PL companies support the packaging, freight, warehousing and cross-docking needs of manufacturers worldwide. In the present economic scenario, 3PL companies offer innovative solutions that increase efficiency and limit operational costs.

Opportunities and Challenges

Catering to Emerging Markets: Economic growth in Africa, Asia and Latin America has led to businesses taking help from established enterprises in the field of logistics to transport raw materials as well as finished goods.

Rising Expenses: Product losses on account of errors and rising costs of gas and warehouses are among the reasons for losses, regardless of how well-executed the expenses of a business are. In addition, business enterprises’ profits are lowered due to stagnation in the economy.

Access to Market Forecasts: Labor and supply shortages, seasonal factors and market slowdowns are among the several factors that affect your business’ bottom line. Your business can adapt efficiently to the changing trends if it keeps pace with the changes, analyzes reports and captures the related analytics.

Regulations: Business expenditure can increase because of compliances with local, national and international regulations created by governments, such as the regulations related to environmental law.

Competition: The transportation and logistics industry is witness to strong competition in national and international markets. Distributors, suppliers and manufacturers are availing of leading transportation and logistics solutions to move their goods to markets.

How Matrid Technologies Provides Value for Your Business

Matrid Technologies has extensive experience in providing software solutions that smoothen your logistics business’ functioning. We can build a number of technological tools which meet the requirements of your business and let you better manage operations such as streamlining of workflow, scheduling, capacity planning, capturing of analytics, integration and error management. Our solutions help enhance your business model.

Fleet Management: Build a technological tool synchronized with the objectives of your business to efficiently manage the operations of your business.

Third-Party Logistics Service Providers: Matrid Technologies builds tailored inventory management solutions that let you outline your business workflow accurately. Serve your customers better by forecasting your sales channel and effectively managing your costs and workflow through integration of online and offline solutions.

Matrid Technologies’ Transportation & Logistics Services

  • Mobile Apps
  • Legacy Migration and Modernization Services
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Transport Management
  • Web Portals/Apps
  • Systems for Cargo Management
  • QA/Product Testing
  • Route Generations & Vehicle Tracking
  • Enterprise Mobility Solution
  • SCM, WMS and ERP Integration
  • Freight Reservation Management

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