Real Estate Auction Portal with Complete Source Code

Get a Fully Customizable Pre Developed Real Estate Auction Portal With the Complete Source Code

Looking for a fully customizable Real Estate Auction Portal? Well look no further.

Matrid’s Auction Portal solution is open source and allows you to maintain complete control. With the complete code in hand, you are free to execute any custom modifications that you feel would work great for you and will resonate with your business goals.

If you don’t have the sufficient technical expertise for it, we also provide dedicated developers at extremely cost effective rates to help you implement your ideas. There is absolutely no recurring fee for the portal and all the returns of your portal will be a 100% yours.

Take a look at the peripheral functionalities of the Real Estate Bidding Portal and imagine it tailored to your business specifications.

Home Screen

The Home Screen consists of the following components. You can specify extra components that you envision:

  • Intuitive Menu Ribbon (Buy, Sell, Auction, Help, About)
  • Sign in and Sign Up Buttons (With 2 Social Media Sign Up options)
  • Suggestive Search Functionality with Multiple filters
  • Featured Property List
  • Email and/or Text Alert Subscription Button
  • Easy Access Links (property type, area, latest listings etc. for up to 3 options)
  • Up to 4 Social Media Links

Listing Page

The listings page will display the property list as per the search of the user. It will include the following components. You can specify extra components that you envision.

  • Secondary Menu Ribbon for detailed expanding filters
  • Custom Sort by option; by price, by auction time remaining
  • Property Listing with Featured Images
  • Current Bid, Time remaining, Property Size and Address Details for each listing
  • Watch/Monitor Property Alerts, Pin Location on Map and View Details button

Property Bidding Page

The property bidding page for each property will have the following components. You can specify extra components that you envision.

  • Watch/Monitor Property Alerts and Pin location on Map buttons
  • Live Auction Time Left Timer
  • Sliding Property Images (With Zoom functionality)
  • Intuitive Bid Now button with current bid value
  • Manual Bid entry with value acceptance based on current bid and bid increment
  • View Bid History Option
  • Listing Agent and Customer Service contact Information Area
  • Fee Structure Breakdown Area
  • Custom Property Details and Description Areas
  • Notes and Disclaimer Area

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