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Enhance relationships with our customized tourism and travel industry solutions.

Matrid leverages domain expertise in the tourism and travel industry to help reduce risks associated with new technology adoption through innovative IT solutions and application frameworks that substantially improve speed to market.

The travel space is evolving at a rapid pace at present. Whereas online bookings through desktop computers used to dominate the travel market earlier, bookings made through mobile devices are gaining increasing share in the market now. Research showed that in the travel domain mobile bookings increased to $200mn in 2010 from $2mn in 2008. Also, it was estimated that nearly 8% of mobile users would access travel through smartphones by 2012.

Opportunities and Challenges

Optimization of Resources: Travel industry success requires efficient management of inventory. Businesses can boost their growth by capturing the analytics that are essential and by managing resources efficiently.

Competitiveness: There are a number of ways in which consumers reach out to the travel industry. It is essential for a travel business to remain afloat and spread the branding message through different channels. Consumers are always on the lookout for attractive offers and good deals.

Customer-Centric Market: The travel industry has to cater to the specific needs of the consumers. Technological evolution has enabled the consumer to research the market better before purchasing and participate directly in the process of buying. Customer experiences, whether positive or negative, are spread far and wide through word of mouth, thus impacting the reach of your business.

Multi-Platform Compatibility: A visit to a physical store location is no longer essential for a consumer to make a buying decision and a consumer may use either online or offline means for the purpose. Forward-looking and prudent organizations send out their brand promotion messages through a number of platforms such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., to engage prospective customers effectively.

Targeted Marketing: The requirements of travelers tend to differ from each other. So, generalized marketing approaches are not for the travel industry. To serve a consumer base that is very diverse, your marketing strategy has to target the major requirements of different demographics, while being in step with evolving trends in the market.

How Matrid Technologies Provides Value for Your Business

Matrid has served well-established businesses in the travel industry for more than 10 years. Our product developers deliver software solutions that propel your travel company ahead of the competition. We don’t just offer appealing aesthetics for your travel and transportation interfaces, but also help improve the web experience of your consumers through rich functionalities and a scalable design. Our varied customization services cover solutions for social media integration, inventory management, customer service, API bridging application and product development.

Tourism Bureaus: You can target specific audiences through customized promotion and publication of your business offerings, when you utilize the technological solutions we offer. Passive content generated by customers can thus make your word of mouth marketing more powerful.

Car Rentals: Keep track of and manage your inventory, while also effectively capturing analytical data, through a software solution that offers access through various platforms.

Hotels and Airlines: Greater success in the travel industry comes from fewer errors and reduced operational costs. So, it is of great significance to harness technology that enables optimal resource utilization and higher productivity.

Move ahead of the competition with the help of our solutions based on Internet, wireless and mobile technology. We enable you to strengthen customer relationships, lower operational expenses and raise operational efficiency through our customized solutions.

Matrid Technologies’ Tourism and Travel Services

  • Porting/Legacy Migration
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile Apps
  • E-ticketing and Reservations (Distribution Management)
  • Web Portals/Apps
  • Hotel Booking Apps
  • CMS Apps, Data/DMS Integration
  • Product Development and Re-Engineering
  • Business Intelligence

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