Magento iOS/Android Mobile App
App For iOS And Android

No Tricks, No Shortcuts, No Pre-built Templates, Get a completely Native iOS / Android App.

Include Custom Features

Integrate custom features and functionalities as per your preferences and business goals.

Compatible With Magento 1.X And 2.X

No limitations on the version of Magento and app compatibility.

OWN Your App

Have the source code readily available to you after launch. Customize it however you like, whenever you like.

completely native app

Your app will be a completely native one for both Android and iOS operating systems. This will give you more control over the app’s functions and allow you to make use of the individual device functions to implement unique and engaging features.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Integrate multiple payment gateways with your mobile store. Integrate the payment gateways already embedded on your web store. You can also ask to integrate extra payment gateways to your mobile app to be able to cover all major payment options.

Completely Customizable

Get a fully custom made app that matches exactly to what you had imagined. Custom features of your online store will be implemented as is and can even be enhanced. Readily available source code if you wish to make changes to the app yourself in the future.

Custom Push Notifications

Boost your marketing strategies with custom designed push notifications to increase engagement. Promote your store, products and latest content with your users easily through notifications. Make use of interactive push notifications for better user acquisition.

multi-store and multi-vendor support

No matter if you’re running a marketplace with multiple vendors or a marketplace with multiple stores, your mobile shop will support both cases seamlessly without any extra effort. All vendors and store admins will be able to run their mobile functions exactly as before.

Google Analytics Integration

Monitor all the traffic of your mobile store with the easy to use Google Analytics. Supervise customer behaviour and journey from download to conversion. Analyze what strategies are working and which are not and make more informed and data backed decisions for your next steps.

multilingual support

Run your mobile store in any part of the world. Connect with the customer base at a more deeper level by displaying content in their local tongue. Expand your audience to local cities and towns by engaging them in a language they are comfortable with.

Multiple shipping support

IIntegrate multiple shipping options with the mobile app to make sure none of the services most used by your customers are left out. Integrate the shipping options already embedded on your web store and even those that are not.

voice search enable

Keep up with one of the growing trends of search and customer behaviour. Rank higher in SEO search results with a voice search supported mobile shopping store. Ensure this important customer touchpoint is well configured and equipped on your mobile platform.

real time synchronization

Keep both your stores up to date without any effort. Any changes to your products, catalog, orders, customer profiles etc. on your website are directly reflected on your mobile apps. Streamline your operations easily from a single Admin Panel.


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