Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) integrated with Zoho CRM

See how we helped SLC, a US based company build a VRM solution to efficiently manage their world-wide product sourcing which helped them grow rapidly by 50 times within a span of 2 years.

Vendor Relationship Management is a custom solution developed in Dot Net technology though integrated with the facilities of Zoho CRM.

Client was sourcing products from various channels across the globe and was previously using Zoho CRM though which was not catering to their precise requirements. Once the tools was good to manage but ultimately its limitations were creating hindrances to scale up.

We proposed a new custom system though still using the built-in facilities of Zoho CRM, so as our client could enjoy benefit of both the worlds. He was able to use the facilities for which SLC team was comfortable using with Zoho, which they were using for more than a year. Using Zoho API, we built a custom application to cater to the domain specific challenges. Our VRM Solution is Role based starting from Vendor to publishing products on various online channels. Most of the parts of the system are configurable like creating a new Role, defining rights, functions, responsibilities of the role etc.