Ecommerce & Retail

Bringing greater affordability, efficiency and effectiveness to the retail industry of the future.

Matrid Technologies helps retailers attract and retain customers in the long term through IT solutions that let the retailers improve personalization, convenience, and services.

The retail sector has a bright future. In 2013, a million retail stores provisioned within the U.S. achieved revenues of $4 trillion. With advancement in technology, the ways in which the retail industry interacts with its customers is expected to undergo tremendous changes. Matrid Technologies endeavors to bring consumers and businesses closer through the technological solutions it develops for the retail industry.

Opportunities and Challenges

Digital Market Expansion: In the current scenario in the market, SEO and digital marketing are of immense importance for the retail industry. On search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo, websites which have content with the right density of the most appropriate keywords have higher rankings. Consistent monitoring of your brand’s online performance is crucial.

Sales Enterprise: Sales Enterprise: As against conventional brick-and-mortar stores, online space offers greater advantages as it lets businesses target more diverse audiences. Technology lets you build centralized systems customizable for different demographics.

Process Consolidation: Greater returns on investment and income result from the increased efficiency of your retail business. Brand loyalty is enhanced through improvement in customer service on account of process streamlining based on technological assistance to retail businesses.

Multiple Platform Retailing: Because of technological advances, purchase decisions no longer depend on visits to physical stores. Consumers research for and purchase products using smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops, among other web-enabled devices.

How Matrid Technologies Provides Value for Your Business

Your retail business can benefit from the dynamic and innovative technological interfaces we develop. Our retail consultants suggest best practices most appropriate for your business model only after understanding your target audience and the behavior of your consumers, following close association with your business. We help you achieve maximum productivity for your business resources.

Product Retailers: You have to develop appropriate methodology and refine it through intensive testing for the development of a product which is viable for the retail market. It is possible to reach a broader target audience, who may be using different web-enabled devices, through a solution accessible from multiple platforms.

Retailers: Your business’ online success depends to a large extent on the creation of a sustainable and memorable brand image. We offer an easily manageable and optimized solution in line with your brand message. Full-cycle CRM systems aligned with your business model and iPad or mobile apps are among the end-to-end business solutions we deliver.

Matrid Technologies’ Ecommerce & Retail Services

  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Solutions for Facilities Management
  • Web Portals/Applications
  • B2C/E-commerce Solutions
  • SaaS, Mobile Technology and Web 2.0/3.0 Enablement
  • Full-Cycle CRM/ERP Solutions
  • Legacy Migration Solutions
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Point-of-Sale Systems Integration

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