Augmented Reality App Development for Automobile Industry

As an augmented reality app, Pokemon Go showed a lot of promise [Instruction for PHP team: Please link to article:] and so do other businesses. This technology is so useful and effective that automotive industry giants are continuously working on it and reaping immense benefits from it. Some of these giants are:-

Since Audi has a high volume of model variants, it came up with Audi City, a digital showroom that displays all its variants as an AR projection.

They introduced an Augmented Reality owner’s instruction manual that gives an augmented walkthrough of everything.
It guides the users through repairs, the functions of various components etc.

The highly effective car augmented reality app features include:

Virtual Vehicle Display – The automobile app projects an AR view of the car at any suitable place. It is either selected from the cars listed in the app or with the help of a physical product catalogue as an anchor. The virtual projection of the
vehicle is interactive and users can rotate and view it from all sides and angles accordingly.

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● Virtual Vehicle Breakdown Display – People looking to upgrade, replace or repair something in their vehicles can browse through the breakdown of parts in AR. These are displayed in expanded views along with some written specifications and details when tapped on.

● Augmented Reality Car Manual – An extremely helpful feature of the app is the AR manual. The user can select the part or the function he/she wishes to study and virtually view a step by step guide of it. The manual also instructs and helps customers carry out basic repairs. This automotive app virtually displays the functionality of each component selected on the device.

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● Vehicle Color Variants Display (New Idea) – By focusing the app user’s device’s camera on the car, they can view all the different color variants of it. The augmented reality app developers [Instruction for PHP team: Please link to AR service page] made sure that it doesn’t just work for cars on display in a showroom but also present anywhere else like streets, parks, near their homes etc.

● AR Crash Safety Projection (New Idea) – Safety is a highly important factor for customers. Hence, the AR crash check feature is a remarkable addition. It displays a virtual preview of a crash test and the safety measures in various scenarios. It helps in a lot of cost savings and informs the prospects completely about the vehicle’s safety features.

● Car Resale Augmented Reality App (New Idea) – AR for the Old Car Sales is a virgin idea. It can hugely change the car resale market by showing the actual augmented preview of a car on sale.

Whether you are a Car Manufacturer, Show room owner, broker, old car reseller, having a repair workshop, an investment into an augmented reality app development ([Instruction for PHP team: Please link to Augemnted Realiyt Services Page.) will open new unchartered horizons for you.

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