Case Studies

Remote Monitoring and Communication App


This is a unique App to communicate with your family, friends or business remotely, on the fly from your iOS, Android or Windows Device to the systems setup in your home or office. One part of the App is on an unmonitored display device which is managed remotely from any smartphone. It has a […]

Marine Fleet Management System

We helped our client manage and enhance their product on Marine Fleet Management. It encompassed various modules including but not limited to Human Resource Management and Planning, Crew Wages, Ship Management, Business Intelligence Dashboards, Dry Docking, Ship Safety, Maintenance Planning. It covered all technical, operational and compliance perspectives.

Part of effort involved reengineering an older […]

Elasticsearch eCommerce Integration for Diamond Retail

We developed an ultra fast Diamond Search on an ever changing diamonds database, realtime and instant diamond stock display on three different websites of the client from a centralized database based on diverse parameters was a challenge with traditional and sql server. We designed a solution using elasticsearch algorithm and Microsoft SQL Server.

Elasticsearch […]

Global Product Sourcing and Bidding Application


Having more than 10 years of experience in retailing and import of a varied product ranges from different countries, this U.S. based enterprise was dealing with a complex problem to effectively manage its product sourcing processes and growing list of vendors across the globe.

We developed a bidding cum product sourcing platform for […]

Device Specific Online Sales Process (Desktop/Mobiles) for SVN Diamonds

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SNV Diamonds

How we helped SVN Diamonds, a $1.15 billion American Diamonds company, create a compelling user experience for desktop and mobile devices.

SNV Diamonds. is a high profile Diamond seller in USA. Established in 1998, SVN Diamonds has physical stores across the globe apart from selling its diamonds on 5 web fronts shipping the diamonds […]

Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) integrated with Zoho CRM


See how we helped SLC, a US based company build a VRM solution to efficiently manage their world-wide product sourcing which helped them grow rapidly by 50 times within a span of 2 years.

Vendor Relationship Management is a custom solution developed in Dot Net technology though integrated with the facilities of Zoho CRM.

Client was […]

All In One Farmhouse Solution


Find how Matrid Tehcnologies helped a US based Farm House build an integrated Farm Solution catering all of its IT requirements in a single soltuion.

Client was using various systems to meet diverse requirements of a farm house selling its products online, through farmers markets, on farm, delivering it through couriers, its own VANS and […]

NephroDoc – Knowledge base Nephrology Management Solution

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It is one of the unique knowledge base healthcare management solutions. The system is developed for Nephrology (Kidney) departments of hospitals who have the facility of Dialysis and Kidney Transplant. Nephrodoc is an output of two years of input of a 10 people IT team with the help of word renowned Nephrologists.

Nephrology is one […]

24hrs Deals – the integreated eCommerce and market places

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See how Matrid Help scale up 24hrsdeals from a startup to a market leader in the market of every changing world of Mobile Devices.


24hrsdeals is an online retailer of mobile phones and accessories. Client is selling on multiple platforms ranging from its own ecommerce website, amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and 10 more diverse market […]