Car Maintenance Reminder App Development for Automobile Industry

The car maintenance reminder app schedules and informs users about regular services required by various components of the car. This prominent automobile app manages and organizes all vehicle records along with their receipts. The following two apps show how effective these apps are for user and as simple revenue sources for developers.


Car maintenance reminder lite:

  • It has nearly 200,000 downloads.
  • This simple app geneated $2000 revenue in december 2016 as a free app on Play Store.

Carango- Car Management:

  • Over 500,000 people have downloaded this app.
  • This basic app generated over $1800 revenue in december 2016 on just Play Store.

The app is a perfect solution to all questions to answer when writing app specs. The market for this app,especially on iOS, is much more profitable and untouched. Following are some features of the app:


Car Service Reminder Alert

The service alert feature reminder the user when it’s time for servicing the car. The time is calculated keeping in mind various factors like previous service date, frequency of use, vehicle part list etc. When its time, the app sounds an alarm along with a notification irrespective of whether the automotive app is open or not.


Vehicle Part Service Alert

Similar to the feature of the car service alert,this feature is exclusive to vehicle parts. Based on frequency of use, last modification etc. the app suggests when a specific part needs attention. During signup, the user enters his/her car make and model and the app automatically creates a default list of parts.


App Push Notification Alert

This feature is highly valuable for automakers. Push notification alerts are used to inform users about newly available part upgrades, their features, their advantages etc. It also provides the nearest location to obtain them. All this information is then also stored under a section with the automotive app.


Vehicle Interactive Manual

A special feature of this automobile app is an interactive manual. This guide includes a search engine wherein the user types in the problem and step by step guides to solve them are shown. These are displayed in the form of interactive videos, GIFs and images to better guide the users.

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