Car Security App Development for Automobile Industry

Security of a car is the top priority of your customers. For this, a car security app is a remarkable tool. This automotive app alerts its users about each and every situation and status of their cars. Even automobile companies are eager to employ such apps for their cars. For example:

Myhundai Blue Link

  • This app has been downloaded by nearly 500,000 Hyundai car owners.
  • It allows users to remotely lock or unlock their cars, start it, activate its horn and headlights etc.
my hyundai

OnStar RemoteLink

  • This app has a total of over 4 million downloads.
  • In the month of December 2016 alone, it had been installed by over 50,000 users.

Following are some more effective security features of a car security app

Car Status Check

The automobile app constantly monitors the status of the car and keeps the owner alerted about it. The status includes things like parking position, car locked/unlocked status, window positions etc. All the data is updated and recorded along with the date and time.


Car Tracking

The app also tracks any sort of movement of the car from. This is immensely useful in case of any theft. Users can directly take note of where the car exactly is, how fast is it moving and an estimate of where it is heading. They can inform the authorities for the same.


Phone Alarm Alert (New)

Accompanying the above two features, the automobile app has an alarm system which goes off during a theft or mishandling with the car. This is useful in cases where car alarms are not heard by the owners. For instance, if the owner is on the top floor of a building while the car is parked below. The alarm system also automatically notifies the nearest authorities if the user selects so.


Car Remote Shutdown (Partially New)

An advanced feature added by the automotive software developers is that the vehicle systems are remotely connected with it. This is useful in case of emergency and even normal situations. For instance, rolling up windows left down, opening or closing the doors, silencing the car alarm in case of mistaken alerts etc. It is also effective in locating the car by activating the horns, headlights etc.



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