NephroDoc – Knowledge base Nephrology Management Solution

It is one of the unique knowledge base healthcare management solutions. The system is developed for Nephrology (Kidney) departments of hospitals who have the facility of Dialysis and Kidney Transplant. Nephrodoc is an output of two years of input of a 10 people IT team with the help of word renowned Nephrologists.

Nephrology is one of significant wings of Medical Science where cost of treatment is exceptionally high and the treatment is cumbersome which goes over a number of years. The flow and data of each and every step of treatment is very important to prolong the life of a patient.

Our system helps a Nephrologist capture and maintain data at various touch points in a systematic manner so as it can be judicially used to interpret the results of every step of treatment. It proved as a tool to the Nephrologists to help their patients live a healthy life during their life with a Renal Disease. It helps the doctor as well as patient minutely monitor medication, treatment and diet as well.