Web Data Scraping

Are you want to extract list of real estate properties in specific area,
scraping data from web pages, amazon.com, ebay.com etc.?

In this world that is driven by data, having easy access to relevant data is key for any business to thrive. Data gives a deep insight of how your product or service stands against others in the market. It also helps you determine the status of the whole market to plan your strategies accordingly.

However, Data is only useful when it’s available in a structured format. Otherwise it’s just a random collection of words and number.

This is where Data Scraping comes in. Data Scraping is a technique to fetch data from a source, which does not provide an interface to extract or export it, and organize it in a structured format.
This data can then be analyzed to make informed decisions and strategies.

The uses of this structured data for different industries include:


eCommerce Industry

Competitor Product/Price Scrapping

  • Fetching, comparing and analyzing trends of pricing, products, inventory and data categorization from competitor websites.
  • The mobile app successfully delivered a more handy user experience similar to their website
  • This will allow you to better strategize, price and place your products in your online store to gain an advantage.


eCommerce Businesses

Product Scraping from Distributors / Manufacturers Portals

  • Getting complete product data including imaging in case a distributor is not providing an easy feed or csv.
  • A completely automated process will take away the stress of manually entering and updating your inventory everyday.


Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Listings Scraping

  • Scraping detailed listing of Real Estate portals including the lister information, geography, pricing range and property parameters.
  • This information can then be used to update your real estate website, study real estate market trends, plan real estate investments etc.


Online Marketplaces

Amazon / eBay / Alibaba Scraping

  • Competitor product range, product pricing, all products of a vendor, specific product range from various vendors etc. scrapping
  • Scraping this data can help you determine important information like most bought product, most preferred price, most preferred marketplace etc. It can also help you upload your inventory to these marketplaces if you use them to sell your products.


Recruitment Industry

Job Listing Data Scraping

  • Job listing data extraction from different job portals including job categorization, employer data, candidate data
  • It has a user base of over 30 million users.
  • This job listing data can then be used to find a new employee, find prospective employers for your clients, research the employment market or quickly launch your own job portal etc.

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Hospitality Industry

Restaurant Menu Scrapping.

  • Location based crawling, menu and pricing listings, reviews analytics, customer online order preferences
  • Scraping data from restaurants, online food ordering websites etc. can help you decide best locations, best menus, best prices, best ordering options etc. for your own business.


Automobile Industry

Automobile Listings Scraping

  • Automobile Website Data Extraction, Classified Ad Scraping, Spare Part Sites, Car Selling Sites, Seller Data Scraping
  • All the above data can be analyzed to determine cars that are selling the most, cars with the highest resale values, spare parts that are most in demand etc. and strategize your own sales accordingly.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Drug Data Scraping

  • Extraction of drug data including name, composition, price scraping, package size and manufacturer, drug disease matrix data extraction
  • The data scraped is then used to upload your website with latest stock, pricing, to determine the industry position and even update your research on the reactions of various salts on diseases.


Social Media and Marketing Industry

User Base Data Scraping

  • Scraping user base from various social media platforms, customer interaction and review extraction, email list and data extraction
  • Social media and marketing agencies can utilize this data to further improve on their product based on customer reactions, deliver more targeted campaigns, approach a new customer base.


Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel Listings Scraping

  • Flight, Bus, Train schedule scraping, Taxi and Car Pooling Data extraction, Holiday Packages and hotel booking pricing and detail extraction.
  • This data can be beneficial for travel agencies, websites listing price comparisons, tour booking websites and even travel bloggers helping out their users select a great travel package.

With just a few examples given above, the advantages of data and its importance has been established.

Businesses are responding to data very effectively. It is this data that helps them understand key gaps within their businesses and how to close them off.

Data scraping is an indispensable way to get your hands on the right data at the right time.

In a world driven by a competitive spirit, it is important to strive to keep yourself ahead at all times. You know this can help you, What’s Stopping You?

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