Real Estate Companies and Agents: Increase your Efficiency Tenfold with a Real Estate Document Management App

A document management app is an efficient centralized digital document management solution. It can be accessed easily and securely from all mobile devices, authorised to use the app, at any time and place. It helps in filling out paperwork, transferring and verifying documents thereby carrying out processes faster and more systematically.
Two great examples of how beneficial digital document management apps, for both productivity and revenue, are:

Given below are some great features of this real estate app:

Real Estate Document Storage
All the documents are centrally stored in an organized manner and categorized according to the needs of the users. It is an App similar to Dropbox and other digital storages like Google Drive etc. The app can also be synced with the user’s personal digital storages to import and upload documents from them and also backup the app documents in them.

Document Storage Security
Not all the documents are meant to be accessible by everyone. Hence the app has a password based security system due to which only those with the key for a certain category of documents can access them. The files which are public are placed in a separate folder. The password of the categories can be changed by the authorized users only.

Document Mailing
This feature helps users transfer documents to others safely and securely. These can either be sent through the app or directly emailed to those who don’t have the app installed. The paperwork can also be transferred to other real estate apps which can receive files. These can then be edited, modified and transferred further or back.
Digital Signatures
Through the app, the user can digitally sign the documents required. The user will have to first create a verified signature and then confirm it by uploading an authorized identity proof with the signature on it. The stored signature in the app can then further be used to electronically sign all paperwork.

Document Scanner
The document scanner feature helps the users scan physical documents using the mobile device’s camera. The app creates a perfect replica of the document as it would have been when scanned. This allows users to upload hard documents without being dependent on a scanner machine.

Custom Document Creator
A custom document creator feature can be added in the app by a good Real Estate App Development company. This allows the users to create and verify paperwork, while on the move, and save a lot of time. These documents can then be signed, stored and transferred to others as required.
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