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Role and Profile of an eCommerce Virtual

Running an eCommerce business is quite a challenging job. To get success in today’s tremendously competitive market and gone berserk in these Covid 19 times, you have many things to look after. Whether you are selling products through your website or a marketplace, taking care of too many tasks single-handedly or with your inhouse team can overwhelm you and leave little time for you to focus properly on your core business tasks.

Here a virtual eCommerce assistant comes to the aid of eCommerce business owners and hugely contributes to the success of their business. By performing some essential, but repetitive and everyday business tasks, a virtual eCommerce assistant helps to reduce your workload and saves you enough time to devote towards planning and executing your core business activities.

An eCommerce virtual assistant is an experienced eCommerce Manager working as remote worker who performs various eCommerce related tasks. A typical virtual assistant for eCommerce domain can do a variety of tasks like product entry, product attribute data entry, write product descriptions, edit and optimize product images, catalog content management, product category management, create and update coupons, discounts and promotional offers, lend eCommerce back office, orders management, competitor price research support besides others.

You can assign the right-listed tasks to our virtual eCommerce assistant:

  • Product research and Product Data Entry
  • Product Image editing
  • Amazon, eBay Product listing creation, monitoring and optimization
  • Managing inventory
  • Managing fulfillment of orders
  • Competitor Price Scraping and Monitoring
  • Fetching Pricing from Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Google Analytics and Adwords Management
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns Management
  • Facebook Remarketing Pixels
  • Goal Funnel Setup
  • Website Improvements including Product Page Enhancement
  • Checkout Process Optimization
  • Landing Pages Design and Promotions
  • Managing Discounts and Promotions
  • Designing Banners as per occasion and taking responsibility to timely change these
  • Apart from these tasks, you can also allocate any other required eCommerce related tasks to our VA.

Advantages of Hiring eCommerce

You may be thinking that hiring a virtual eCommerce assistant will serve no purpose and you may be looking to hire a regular employee instead to get your work done. But what you are thinking is not true. Hiring a virtual eCommerce assistant helps you save your time besides saving you money.

You have to mandatorily provide various benefits to a regular employee in terms of earned leaves, sick leaves or other employment benefits. But in the case of a virtual eCommerce assistant, you need not award him any of these benefits. You only need to pay him for the work completed by him and nothing else.

Here are some leading benefits you can get
by hiring a virtual eCommerce assistant:

  • You can save a significant amount of money as hiring a virtual assistant costs you less than hiring a full-time employee.
  • Virtual eCommerce assistants help to raise your productivity because they perform tasks in an extremely skilled manner.
  • Hiring virtual eCommerce assistants help you strike a balance between work and life, as they lessen your workload.

Some Good Reasons for Hiring Us

Our virtual eCommerce assistants offer you everything that is essential for your business success:

  • Hold extensive experience in the eCommerce realm, having worked with a wide range of industries
  • Flexible pay as you go pricing that costs you one-third of the price of hiring a regular employee
  • No long-term contractual obligation – Hire a virtual eCommerce assistant as you need.
  • Full confidentiality is maintained of your business information.
  • Client support is available on a 24 x 7 basis

eCommerce Virtual Assistant
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