Understand Ins and Outs of eBay Shop Design

eBay Shop Design

eBay provides us the privilege of setting up an independent eBay Shop and Brand it under the logo/look of the seller. It is basically a customised page in which seller can list all his product and if the buyer is viewing any of your product he or she can see a Tag with your sellers ID which indicates that you have eBay shop when the buyer will click on that tag it will directly take them to your eBay shop and they can view your multiple products, which will finally lead in the growth of your business. eBay claims that after building the shop sales are increased by 25% within 3 months

Some of the features of eBay Shop are:

  1. Creating customised Page:- It provides us place where seller can customise his or her shopping page they can put there all products and attract the buyer with colors and themes that suits the brand.
  2. Cheaper:- It is has cheap insertion fees for listing the products.
  3. Promotion:- It provides promotion by placing the tag of shop next to the ebay ID. Shop is even shown in the left side of the search bar.
  4. Own web address:- If you have your Shop on ebay then they provide you your own URL by which you can get your customers both online as well as offline on eBay.

eBay provides us with three subscription levels.




eBay custom design components are as follows:

Custom store layout: We can make are own customised layout that we feel that would best suit the products and the theme of the articles we are going to sell.

Customized product layout: In this we can make our own custom listing that how we want to present our product and how it can be best suited to the storefront and its theme.

Sub header navigation: In this we can create the categories we want for the listing and for the store.

Custom footer link: In this too you can click and it will link you to your store and listing.

Promotion Banner:- This is the most important part as it gets the maximum attraction from the buyers as it shows the hot offers and the products, So it should be designed static custom graphical banner to highlight the offers or products.

Brand Search Boxes:- In this we will be adding the logos of different brands that you are selling and when the buyer clicks on the selected brand all the articles of that brand gets displayed.

Interactive Fading Hero:-  In this we have option of setting up to three images in the sliding gallery in your storefront

Category Boxes: In this we have the option to add 9 graphical category boxes, Which attracts the buyer and let them to browse more.

Logo Design: Creating the attractive and beautiful logo for your firm.

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