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Draw 30,000 Customers Monthly!!

BDi’s Semblance Configurator is an incredible example of increasing customer proximity by helping customers purchase precisely what suits their needs best, rather than having them to settle for an approximate solution. As per Delloite: “for solutions such as these, not only are customers willing to wait more but are also willing to pay more.”

Founded in 1984 by Bill Becker, BDi was the result of the sole purpose of Bill to make “Great Design available to Everyone”. Specializing in media furniture along with Office furniture, tables, shelves and Modular Systems, BDi operates more than 200 branches spread across 12 countries.

The product line semblance was itself a hit but Bill Becker, CEO and Design Director of BDi, still had a strong feeling that they were lacking somewhere in providing the best design to their prospects. In order to curb this problem, he introduced: The “BDi Semblance Configurator” allowing his customers to create the Best designs themselves.

Topping it all, according to a research conducted by Deloitte:

Consumers are willing to pay a 20% HIGHER PREMIUM for customized products.

48% OF CUSTOMERS are willing to wait longer for a personalized product.

What are the benefits of availing Customizable Furniture?

The benefits of availing a self design feature for customers exhibit a number of benefits working to the advantage of both the customers and the businesses.
As a retailer, some of the key benefits include:

Higher Repeat Sales and Lower Product Returns: The more involved consumers are in creating their purchases, the more likely they are to buy from your site again and the less likely they are to return the product they created.

Stronger Online Presence: By offering customizable products, consumers have all the more reason to buy from your site which leads to a higher traffic on your website thereby higher rankings on Google hence increasing sales.

Free Market Research: Allowing consumers to customize their products gives a better assessment of your prospects’ demands and preferences allowing you to dominate that sector.

The Semblance Configurator

BDi’s Configurator primarily provides two options to the consumers:

  • Build a new modular system from scratch.
  • Manipulate available pre-configured system designs.

The working of the configurator includes the following steps:

When creating a new design:

  • The configurator begins with the first step of presenting designing instructions.
  • The configuration page is then displayed with the options for the various components along the left.
  • Each component can then be dragged and placed in the space available as required to assemble the design.

When modifying a pre-configured system:

  • The user is first given the option to choose from the numerous available designs in different categories.
  • A few instructions and tips are then displayed giving the user a better understanding about the modification procedure.
  • The pre-configured system is then displayed along with the components that can be added displayed on the left. The user can now add, delete or change the design on their own to create their final design.
  • In the end, when the design is complete, it can be saved, mailed or printed to be taken to an authentic BDi dealer for manufacturing.


Since the introduction of this configurator, the site has seen a high upsurge in traffic on their website which has driven their sales charts up.
The tool is a fine example of a smart way to get into a huge sector of the furniture market while the competition is still at bay.
As of June 2015: 36% of consumers expressed their interest in purchasing personalized products and this number is on the rise ever since. (According to the research by Deloitte)

The US furniture industry is at a total value of $100 billion which implies that the customizable furniture market has the potential of having an easy share of $36 billion.

A number of the industry Giants and Startups have already begun exploiting this market given the fact that “The Early Bird Gets the Worm”. It’s just a matter of time that companies getting into this market now will be the only ones to enjoy the worm while the others won’t even be able to keep up with them in the industry as a whole.

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