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Symfony is a blend of websites and web application PHP Framework with reusable PHP components, which is used by web developers for creating complex & large applications. It was released initially by the month of October,2015.

Symfony is open source and despite leading PHP framework, that is aimed at building robust applications in an enterprise background, and aims to give developers full control over the configuration. That means almost everything can be customized from the directory structure to foreign libraries. It is preferred as it ensures high speed deployment.

A few basics required for its installation are Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS or Microsoft Windows, and a web server with PHP 5.

The current version of Symfony Framework supports only PHP 5.2 or higher, but the previous versions can be run on PHP 5.0 and PHP 5.1 systems

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Following are a few listed prominent features of Symfony framework:

1) Ease of Install, Configure and Use: Being compatible with various infrastructures, business libraries & platforms, Symfony helps in reducing the overheads involved in building application framework. With the great deal of generating code, this offers developers with cut down on time & development costs as well. It is easy to install, configure & use as per the requirements.

2) MVC Architecture Based: Being based on the approach of “Model, View & Controller”, Symfony is able to distinguish the presentation from the logic of the application. Developers are able to modify as well as maintain their codes while making the large applications in this isolated environment.

3) Saves Time and Memory: While cutting down on the overhead of time and development involved in building large and complex web application, Symfony becomes highly scalable & flexible with its websites and application. Keeping in consideration the speed & performance, Symfony2 is designed, being faster than the previous version of Symfony 1.4 and even from Zend Framework 1.10. No overheads are required for memory devices or hardwares in case of PHP frameworks, as Symfony works effectually with less of memory.

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4) Highly Extensible: The Symfony Framework is highly extensible, being able to get integrated with rest of vendor libraries and frameworks as well.

5) Provides Reusable and Testable Codes: Symfony provides readable codes (code-generation tools are also available) & also good debugging with its debugging panel. New Plug-ins can be created by programmers and can be used for applications in adding their new functionalities. Test driven development is also offered by Symfony which have the functional & built-in testing framework.

6) Highly Compatible: Sympony is compatible with most of the Database Engines, Oracle, MYSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Which enhances its work flow.

7) Productive & Customizable: Symfony being an Open Source framework, is highly customizable with its productive environment & development tools which allows the automation of various tasks of software engineering. Symfony is able to make the deployment of applications as automatic with its Command In Line Interface.

8) Flexible Pricing Scheme Models: Symfony Development Plans offers various price models & schemes for serving the various interests of Symfony users. It can be categorized as

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