Web Design Trends of 2017- A Quick Overview

The world of web design welcomes new trends every year, which not only act as part of leisure for developers & designers for experimenting something new with their work, but it also acts as boon for various industries for running their online business.

The evolution of trends in web design has made the developers & designers of Matrid Technologies to be a notch above for their Web development, Web design & customization services for the gracious 15 years.

Website Design Trends for 2017 are being revealed by the Matrid Website designers, and you can freely communicate for custom website design services. (+1-855-370-5507). You can even hire web designers at the most competitive prices.

1) GIFs and Cinemagraphs – The elements have been responsible for engaging the maximum customers & also for getting the higher conversion ratios. Your best selling products, special offers & discounts can be displayed in a fascinating way with Cinemagraphs and GIFs, which will have the visibly striking influence on visitors & customers. Being beneficial as a blend of image & video, these elements acts as unique designing elements with the use of technologies like CSS & SVG, without compromising the page loading speed of the website.

2) Typography – Web Designers are using typography to have a balance between verbal and visual aspects of web design. In order to match the viewer’s preferences, web designers and typographers have to make a blend of idea and knowledge with design to have a visually & verbally striking impact on viewers. The font communication of your website with the use of typography with the customers need to be consistent, in hierarchy & sophisticatedly aligned.

3) Micro Interactions – These are interactive animations which are significantly used for communicating the status of the system while the time action is taking place, either by showing some graphics or sound in the background to keep the customer’s engagement consistent. Micro interactions helps in accomplishing tasks like connecting one device to other, manipulating the settings, highlighting call to action, sharing and commenting on social media etc. While using the micro interactions for the website, one should make the user engaged and well-informed about the changes with some status icon or loading bar along with fast response time.

4) Progressive Web-Apps – Progressive web apps are basically app like website which provides better user experience by having the advantage of functionalities of both web and mobile apps. Some useful plugins like Tickera is helping your wordpress site to behave as an effectual ticketing solutions. The websites are getting engaged for using the more of user-interface elements which are interactive. So the RWD i.e. Responsive Web Design is getting more advanced with the use of PWA which makes the site work like an app, browser friendly & even supporting the offline working & fast loading. For Progressive Web App Development services, get in touch with Matrid Technologies.

5) Card Based User Interface and Grid Layouts – Content is now getting displayed in container kind UI designs so that it can focus on the individual thought by fragmenting the content into images, videos, links, text, URLs etc. This not only organize the website content in a manageable form but also forms the responsive framework which works efficiently on both desktop & mobile websites. Card style UI have evolved in many designs like pin-style, flat style & even in grids., which allows the online retailers to have the personalized approach of the requirements of their customers & even customize can filter their searches.

These trends are not only fascinating but also revenue generating & customer-alluring for your website. To get them configured swiftly and securely, at par with economical costs, you can reach Matrid Website designers freely,having 24*7 website design,support & maintenance (+1-855-370-5507). You can even Hire Website Designer for your website designing & customization tasks at the most competitive pricing.