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plentymarkets Data Sync App for Magento2 Stores


With our intelligent plentymarkets data sync app, you can easily link your Magento 2 Store with plentymarkets and combine advantages from both the systems.

plentymarkets is an ERP platform that enables sellers to manage both online and physical stores. It provides them various benefits like multi-channel sales, improved stock management, synchronisation with all the leading marketplaces, automated eCommerce business processes, etc.

Our trusted Magento 2 plentymarkets data sync app facilitates automatic synchronisation of data between Magento and plentymarkets . It provides the following capabilities:-

  • Automatic Synchronisation
  • Support Multiple Stores
  • Synchronise Stock Levels
  • Synchronise Customer-Related Data
  • Synchronise Products, Attributes and Categories
  • Synchronise Orders, Shipments, Credit Memos and Invoices

Orders-specific features of plentymarkets data sync app

  • Automatic synchronisation of customers
  • Automatic synchronisation of credit memos
  • Automatic synchronisation of invoices and payments
  • Automatic synchronisation of order history comments
  • Automatic synchronisation and updation of order statuses
  • Automatic synchronisation of order shipments and returns

Products and Categories related features

  • Scheduling of automatic synchronisation
  • Support multiple stores and multiple currencies
  • Allow manual export and import of products and categories
  • Synchronisation of simple, bundle and configurable products
  • Automatic synchronisation of products, categories and attributes
  • Mapping of product attributes, properties, tax, price, suppliers, etc.

Customer specific features

  • Automatic synchronisation of contacts and accounts
  • Availability of guest checkout option for creating an address and assigning it to order

Stock centric features

  • Automatic synchronisation of stocks
  • Automatic synchronisation of warehouses

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