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Magento,being a robust E-commerce platform,encompasses another very strong feature i.e. Multi-lingual functinality which provides your E-commerce store,a global grip.if you have any plans to cater to multiple countries or if you are already selling in multiple geographies but still having your website only in one language, then this feature is a must to expand your ecommerce business on the global level.

Highly extensible & functional Magento Multi-lingual stores are developed by Matrid Magento Experts to enable you allure customers from all over the world and represent your ecommerce venture in multiple language like English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Mandrain, Japanese, Arabic & many more as per your business needs.



Multi-Lingual stores with an impressive & customized look are designed by Matrid professionals which offer a localized view & unbeatable shopping experience to the customers in their preferred language. Matrid Magento Developers are at the forefront to handle all sorts of lingual & technical issues. we will aid achieving a strong client base & enhanced volume of sales.

tickyou are free to choose your product fields & translate thet product details.
tickTranslate product Attributes like font,size and color to achieve hassle-free localized customer experience.
tickfree to translate customer-facing parts,category names & description.
tickFree to translate product details of multiple categories.
tickEither singly or in one go translate your static blocks & CMS pages.


Typical procedure of setting up multi-lingual stores comprises of creating new store views and succeeding ahead by attaching with locales & then deciphering out the entire content of an ecommerce store in preferred languages. Developer of multi-lingual pages has code-page & tools scripted in peculiar code format. Customized & user-friendly look is acquired for multi-lingual stores utilizing diversified number of alphabets, characters of multiple languages.

Different languages have disparate writing style i.e. most of them uses way from left to right like English,French or Spanish whereas some uses right to left like Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish etc. This might impact the design & view of online shops and thence Matrid Magento Experts are prudent enough while designing & developing multi-lingual stores and do the heedful efforts to give your online store a perfect customized look.