You don’t need an Upgrade…Think Again

Once you get your first Magento package installed & customized it to your taste, you might not realize that it will require upgrade even. The enormous effort done during the first installation , might puts you in fright that you might lose or mess up the settings done if you choose the option of an upgrade .

You have to be aware of some facts even if you are not prepared to upgrade the magento platform right now. Do your customers feel secured while buying on your ecommerce site? Is your present site actually secured as per latest security standards? Is it really secured as per PCI DSS Standards as your whole business relies on your existing site which might actually be in urge of up gradation which you could not be releasing being unaware of security industry standards and continuous security algorithm improvements?

Is your Site really secured??? Think Again…


Magento Upgrade Benefits

proficiency Proficiency Speaks:
An Expert Upgrade Team available at your ease with their adept knowledge & experience.

dedicatedDedicated Upgrade Service:
Planning, Testing & Implementation of Magento Upgrade Service in a seamless manner by upgrade virtuosos.

downtime No Downtime Fear:
Your site and business works smoothly as along the side as we implement the upgrade process on testing site to eliminate all possible complications.

procedure05 High Quality Standards:
Our upgrade service is compliant with PCI DSS(payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). We are installing Latest version with latest features,fixes & security updates.

fixingEffectual fixing of techical issues & bugs:
Adroit team of IT professionals is fixing efficiently all sorts of technical issues & bugs. Upgrading versions while retaining your existing functional custom-ization & plug-ins.

security Data Security:
Your database is in safe hands of adept IT professionals who take back up of everything and implement testing on test server than on actual one.

support On the Deck Maintenance & Support:
Implementation, We are not completes yet. We are connected with you for your convenience with our 24*7 Maintenance & Suport.

provenProven Methodologies:
We follow our well practiced and proven Systenatic Upgrade which ensures uninterrupted website operations.

Solution…We are there for you

This is for you then as Matrid Technologies feel the need to explain the important facts involved in Upgrading Magento Version which are to every layman’s surprise are launched every other month by Magento.

Matrid Technologies is answer to all your queries as we upgrade Magento versions as per your business requirements, keeping an eye over the customization & making sure that plug-ins of existing site continue to work hassle free after the upgrade.

Though some versions work well with security patches but this is to mention that these patches may affect the compatibility of backend and also of customizations & extensions implemented in the version . Matrid Magento Experts in their Magento Upgrade service implement all the new installation, new features & new security updates & latest fixes for all technical issues & bugs involved.

Matrid Magento Upgrade service prevents you to have a compromised site that eventually affects both your customers & you as an entrepreneur, as customers face financial loss whereas you need to tackle with hardships in case of reputation loss & rejected payment processing from fiscal institutions.

Basic Requirements

Magento Theme

Website URL With
required Admin Panel Details

Your Store’s

Plug-ins & Extensions
installed on the site

The Procedure

procedure01arrow02 Receiving current back-up file or database from client’s end or downloding it as per instructions.


procedure02 arrow02 Staging Setup involves restoring the back-up file on our test server.


procedure03 arrow02 Upgrading your e-store on our staging server and fixing up the technical issues involved during the upgrade procedure.


procedure04 arrow02 We allow you to test & verify all the aspects of upgraded version before it is set up for live store. Any of the fixes accordingly can be applied or disabled if not required


procedure05 arrow02 After satisfying all the business requirements,e-store is upgraded and made live after client’s satiety with upgraded version and then staging setup is deleted

So this is high time, to upgrade the magento platform with latest version to acquire overall-satisfied customer experience and most importantly to secure
your ecommerce venture as per latest industry security standards.

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