What Is Actually Pixel Perfect Design and How to Create It?

Are you running an online business of your own? Then you may have already heard of the term ‘Pixel Perfect Design’, but you may not be clear about what it really means and how important it is for your business’s success.

Through this article, we will try to make you better understand the actual meaning […]

Understanding the Difference Between Webhook and API

In this digital era, communication is vital for driving business growth and success. Communication is no less important for us humans too. We want technology to allow us to communicate easier, faster and with more people. But to make this happen, we had to first discover the way to make the technologies interact with […]

Intro to Progressive web app (PWA) with the help of simple illustration

Before dwelling mind into this popular technology let’s start with a little background.
To access any information we visit a web browser.

We type the keyword in a Google search box or directly type the link in the status bar.

Now, what if instead of every time typing the website name, your browser itself provides you the […]

Angular 6 Vs. Angular 7

Angular is an extremely popular front-end Javascript framework that is used by developers to build applications with the web. As the AngularJS framework code is simple and works quite well with the MVC architecture of ASP.NET, AngularJS has become the preferred front end technology for .NET developers for building web applications. If you want […]

Essentials of Jewelry eCommerce

The jewelry industry is one of the booming industry of all times. When it comes to successfully running a jewelry business, be it online or offline, there are many factors that govern its success. From purchasing products and raw material to the delivery of an item to the user, everything requires planning. The crucial […]

10 Exciting Mobile App Development Ideas for Fashion Industry Businesses

Nowadays, a huge number of people globally are using mobile phones for communication. This presents a great opportunity for businesses to earn more profits by reaching out to more customers and selling their products to them. By getting developed an appealing, high quality and functional app as their specific needs, businesses can better market […]