Matrid presents, 10 custom nopCommerce features that you were missing till now.

Being a highly customizable platform, the range of functionalities of a nopCommerce store are only limited by imagination. Given below are the top 10 custom nopCommerce features that’ll shape the future of online shopping.

nopCommerce Online Bargaining feature

In many industries, customers prefer having some control over the product price, which majority of the online stores fail to provide. An online bargaining feature is a unique way to provide this control and ensure you don’t lose a significant share of customers. Its components include:

  • “Bargain for Product” button is shown on selected products
  • Text box to enter a desired price by the customer
  • Admin option to include minimum product quantity to buy
  • Admin option to specify Minimum Sale Price
  • Option to enter Wait Time by the customer
  • Admin option to make a cross offer
  • Option to close the Deal


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We Make Your Customer SELF CUSTOMIZE Products at Your nopCommerce Store

According to researches, majority of customers are willing to pay higher for products they can customize. By developing a business specific product customization feature, your store will be able to exploit a large chunk of a market with less competition. Its components include:

For Product Customization, we provide two options:

    Self Customization Process

  • Intuitive “Customize Product” option on product page
  • Edit product on the screen itself
  • Automatic customized product price calculator

    Customization Request Submission

  • Text box and Request Quote for detailed customization
  • Admin email alert for customization request
  • Option to order customized products in bulk
  • Upload your drawings / graphics


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Are you still missing – A/B Testing for your nopCommerce Website

The customer response for various changes is different. A/B testing for your pages shall make sure that the customer response to your changes are conversions only. Some components of an A/B page testing feature includes:

    Tracking customer response to:

  • Change in product categorization
  • Change in position/color/text of action buttons
  • Change in time when taxes and extra costs are displayed
  • Change in information requested or shown during checkout
  • Change in cart functionalities and display
  • Adding or removing certain extra features
  • Color/position/text changes of promotional banners on websites
  • Related items displayed on each product page
  • Discounts and offers distributed through websites and emails
  • Clicks and conversions from newsletters and push notifications

An effective A/B Testing would help you get a winning page for your website which would get most conversations. Do not keep your website design, changes or facilities to your gut feeling but let customers choose what they like.


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nopCommerce Industry Specific Custom Checkout process

The checkout process is the final step of conversion. Hence, it’s extremely crucial to make this process as seamless and effortless as possible for the customer. Demanding checkouts cause serious cart abandonments. A custom Checkout Best Suited to your Product Range eliminates this with the following components.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you first choose a shopping cart software, get it’s home page, product and product list pages customized but mostly leave the Checkout Process as raw and default as you got with the shopping cart platform. Many of you must wonder why some successful online sellers offer a unique checkout experience and there it makes the difference.

Let us Discuss and design a Unique & Custom nopCommerce Checkout Experience for your success. Contact Us Now at:


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nopCommerce – 20 Hours Monthly Maintenance @ $499

Have you been seeking for a nopCommerce developer only when need arises or whenever you plan a new component, new campaign or add new product range?

Your nopCommerce Shopping Cart is same like your car, if not regularly serviced, it would not last long in a successful running condition. If you aim to sell big, if you wish to take on your competitors – then you need a nopCommerce developer on your side who can get handled all for you under one roof:

  • Your nopCommerce Website design enhancements
  • New Banner Designs
  • New Product Entry, Product Image improvements
  • Product Page Customization
  • Vacation Notices
  • Checkout Process Smoothening
  • Search Engine Optimization

Get all this with our Monthly Plan for $499 per month only.


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Fast, Fast & Fast Elasticsearch for nopCommerce

Sites are abandoned if their response times are too slow. With large product databases, eCommerce websites become incredibly slow. However, with Elasticsearch, eCommerce sites even with over 100,000 products in their database return results in under a second. Its benefits include:

  • Elasticsearch is installed on your server itself
  • Open source and hence free of cost option
  • Much Faster than normal response times for large databases
  • Facilities to enable making geo-localized searches
  • Simplifies to build product filters, sorting & aggregations
  • Fast, Fast and Fast – these are the only 3 reasons we recommend it for.


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Multistep Product Configurator

Selling certain product categories require a customer to configure himself. You may have a product range like ‘Design Your Ring’, where simple grouped product option would not work. A ring needs three components to design i.e. a Ring Setting (which can have a thousand options), a Diamond (which can have 100 thousand options), the finishing color. If the components of your product are having such a huge options, then, Grouped Products or Variants would not work.

A multistep product configurator would be a great tool that seamlessly takes users through a step by step procedure of creating a product completely on their own. Its components include:

  • Configurator button on selected product pages
  • Admin option to set process as steps, vertical steps or tabs
  • Show combined product image in real time
  • Add a separate quantity of each stage
  • Admin option to create product configuration hierarchy
  • Admin option to display price with each step of configuration or only at final step

We understand each configurable product is unique, so we provide a unique process for each of our client. Let us discuss your unique product range and make it effectively sell on the web.


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Advanced Google Analytics setup for your nopCommerce store

Succeeding in sales requires a comprehensive analysis of your products and how they’re performing. Advanced analytics help you see why you might be losing customers and even give an insight on how to get them back. Its components include:

  • Event tracking tracks for your how often website visitors are clicking a link or using a section of your website e.g. Out of total hits, how many people use ‘Search’; how many click on ‘Help Button’ .
  • Tracking individual product activity data
  • Create custom categories to organize collected data
  • Sort products data as most sold, most viewed, most abandoned
  • Define timeline and track purchasing pattern during it
  • Track visitor journey from first click through on site to exit
  • Track shipping data (most preferred shipping, highest rated shipping etc.)
  • Import tracking data to local storage as csv/excel file


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Custom Mega drop down menu with filters

Navigating a user to the product they’re looking for in the least clicks possible is crucial for a smooth user experience. To ensure this, custom mega drop down menus with filters are being used extensively. Users are responding to it really well too. Its components include:

  • Custom drop down clickable or hover menu and categorization
  • Custom filters in the drop down menu itself
  • Admin option to select menu to be sticky menu
  • Advanced search bar in mega menu
  • Option to include product result count with each filter selected
  • Option to include category thumbnail images
  • Option to add/change a main image or banner in the mega drop down.
  • Option to add/edits link on the banners in the drop down.


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Convert Each of Your Product page to A Landing Page

Typically, a landing page is specifically designed to promote a product range or for the campaigns. What if each product page of your website is converted to landing pages. A product page as a landing page would be a perfectly designed long page with all the key product features shown elaborately. A landing page is a sale centric page which provides more information in lesser clicks improves a user’s experience making it more pleasant and get conversions for the entrepreneur.

The benefits of it include:

  • Delivers better user experience and makes product information more easily readable
  • Makes paid advertising campaigns much more efficient and effortless
  • Can be directly used for marketing campaigns and sent as a newsletter
  • Helps provide more focus on the main action button that is “Add to cart”
  • The foremost benefit is Great Conversions.


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