No Assumptions, Only Results

Records each customer interaction, auto-analyzes, predicts and provides you the facility to control your results

Shopper Searches

Natural Language

We know that “antike” is “antique” and also know that “sofa” is “couch”. We understand searchers’ semantics.


Predict what users are searching for and reduce clicks to checkout.

Image Based Facets

Enhances the experience with intuitive and easy to understand image based facets.

Smart Logics

In depth logics to get results for relevant colors, sizes, category names and brands.

Shopper Search Results

Consistently Learning

Each and every step of each and every customer’s journey is recorded and maintained for analysis.

Multi-Device Friendly

Customers will always enjoy a seamless experience regardless of the device they are shopping from.

AJAX Results

Deliver relevant results instantly in less than a blink of an eye with our exponentially quick algorithms.

Customizable Search Algorithm

Include your business goals in the algorithm to display more profitable & more popular products on top.


Take control of the results.

No matter how smart and relevant search results get, there’s nothing like having complete control over them. Manually Customize your product results exactly the way you want them to be.

Customize Product Results
Manually Order Results

Personalize your results

Manually drag and drop your search results to modify them for various search queries.

Change position of the product, place higher performing products ahead, remove products from results and so on.

Create Promotional Campaigns for Branded Search Queries

Create Promotions

Dynamically display promotional banners based on the search results.

Display discounts and sales tags on specific products or categories in search results.

Stop Guessing, Get Actionable Insights

Capture every customer interaction and analyze this data in an easy to understand format. Get the data you can’t get anywhere else.

User and Product Behavior Capture

Zero Search Results Report

Missing Searches

Discover what common searches are failing to perform. Optimize them with different products, promotions, synonyms and a plethora of other actions.

Custom Search Result Ranking

Drag and drop search results in real time for a better impact on search performance.

Custom Search Algorithm

Control your search relevancy algorithm to include products more likely to convert higher.

Over Exposed Products

Discover which products are getting more impressions but lesser conversions.

Under Exposed Products

Discover which products are getting less impressions but have more conversions.

Underperforming Products

Find out which products are getting really low impressions and conversions.

Overperforming Products

Learn which products have high impressions and conversions and just feel proud about it. It doesn’t hurt!

Analyze. Optimize. Reprise

It’s more than just software, it’s us! You get personalized support & customized alogorithms!

24*7 Personalized Customer Support

Our Customer Success Team is focused on helping your business grow. With decades of combined experience helping customers improve relevancy, implement best practices and increase conversion, you know you will be getting the best.

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