Augmented Reality Development Services

Integrating and developing Augmented Reality Services is being used extensively as a tool to deliver highly effective marketing and branding strategies. We provide businesses with visually appealing Augmented Reality apps helping them provide their end users with interactive and digitally enhanced environments by blending digital content with the physical world in real time allowing them to explore unseen dimensions with just a tap on their devices.

Augmented Reality Solutions:
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Advertising and Promotional
  • GPS Service Enhancement
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Educational Services
  • 2D and 3D Modelling
Helping you Tap into the Predicted $120 Billion Market

A Digi-Capital report predicts that AR will be a $120 billion dollar market in the next three years with hundreds and millions of users around the world. This is why the top notch developers at Matrid Technologies ensure that no stone is left unturned in helping you provide with the best possible solutions tailored specifically to your needs and your industry.

A Breath-Taking Experience for Every Industry

The exponential increase in the volume of smart device owners and applications has widened the horizon for the use of Augmented Reality. Our highly expert and technically qualified developers can provide a variety of AR solutions for both consumer and enterprise projects across all industries. Some of these include:

Furniture Industry
Some possible solutions examples are:
  • Virtual Reality Product Preview
  • Augmented Furniture Customization
  • Virtual Catalogue Display
Education Industry
Some possible solutions examples are:
  • Augmented Page Displays
  • Virtual Descriptions
  • Enhanced Diagram Detailing
Healthcare Industry
Some possible solutions examples are:
  • Virtual Therapy Management
  • Augmented Digital Impressions
  • Virtual Examinations
eCommerce Industry
Some possible solutions examples are:
  • Virtual Showrooms
  • Virtual Product Displays
  • Virtual Catalogue Descriptions
Automobile Industry
Some possible solutions examples are:
  • Virtual Vehicle Manuals
  • Augmented Part Displays
  • Virtual Mechanism Details
Real Estate Industry
Some possible solutions examples are:
  • Virtual Property Display
  • Virtual Dimension Manager
  • Augmented Directory Presenter
Working with Matrid Technologies

The field of Augmented Reality holds a number of opportunities for businesses and in cases like these, it becomes extremely important for enterprises to have the right development partner along since no hiccups can be afforded in the process. We at Matrid Technologies aim to deliver more than the client’s requirements. While working with Matrid Technologies, you will be accompanied with the following major attributes of ours:

Technical Proficiency

Augmented Reality app development requires cutting edge technology for a successful result. Apart from this, our highly experienced and qualified developers commit themselves to provide you with the best results.

Cost Effective Rates

Affordable pricing is one of the most applauded qualities of Matrid Technologies. We realize the importance of money and aim to give you the best results at the best possible rates. However, we make absolutely no compromise on the quality of work.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

AR apps not only help you engage your customers in an innovative way, but also help you take your marketing and promotion campaigns to a whole new level. With apps specifically tailored to your needs, your business is established as a brand with greater customer connection.

Pre and Post Development Support

App development can be a very complicated and time consuming process. This is why our team will always be with you every step of the way handling all the complex procedures while you maintain your focus on your business.

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