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Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence in simple words can be defined as collection, analysis and transformation of raw data collected from diverse platforms like ecommerce, point of sale system, warehouse system, Google analytics, shipping company, accounting packages, support systems etc., into meaningful results which can help an entrepreneur  actually understand his business and take effective decisions for growth and opening up new avenues.

An ecommerce or any other business is quite diverse. It is easy to see the sales order reports or graphs in your ecommerce or POS platform but hard to interpret the reports in consequential manner.

Benefits of Business Intelligence:

  • Get deeper insights in business
  • Ensures Stability for Business
  • Improves Productivity and Efficiency
  • Increases Flexibility and Agility
  • Helps in Identifying new Opportunities
  • Provides Historical, current and predictive views of the business

We at Matrid help you configure the tool of your choice and generate the meaningful results for your decision making. We work on tools like Tableu, Rjmetrics, Intellicus etc. and get data from diverse platforms like Google Analytics API, eBay API, Magento, AspDotnetStorefront, Big Commerce, Quick Books, Zoho CRM API, Kayako to name a few only.

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Business Intelligence