Six Ways To Instantly Boost Online Parts and Accessory Sales


Emails- A Powerful Re-engagement Strategy

With the so vibrant social media; Facebook, Instagram etc, easily available in every palm, people have forgotten the most powerful tool i.e. re-engagement through emails.

As per a study by McKinsy, Re-engagement through emails is still 40% more powerful than Facebook or Twitter.

Email Re-engagement serves many purposes. First, they keep your name in front of your previous customers. Second, emails drive additional sales.

You need to have a Powerful Email Re-Engagement Strategy. Ask us now…


Get A Performance Max Google Shopping Campaign Going

If you have still not started, then move to Performance Max (PMax). You need not to worry about Keywords, Target Pages, Negative Keywords, Bidding Strategies etc.

Most auto parts and accessories companies earn $5-7 in revenue for every $1 they spend on pay-per-click advertising, with some retailers seeing even higher returns.

Just set your daily budget and expected Target ROAS. With a systematic plan, you can start achieving 1000% ROI.

Performance Max previously known Google Smart Shopping Campaigns are best for vendors with a large number of branded products listing on their own eCommerce website.

It makes no sense if your business hasn’t attempted Smart Shopping or Performance Max Campaigns. If your business attempted it before but had little success, it could be worthwhile to give it another shot.


Website Simplification But With Awesome CTAs

Want to boost your online sales? Remove all the clichés from your website:

  • One call to action should stand out on your website homepage, followed by a small number of other components.
  • Your product pages need to be clean and clear but still you should try a hell lot of different CTAs.
  • Try Everything from Membership Discounts, Call for Price (on some products), Today Only Discounts, Price only for Today etc.


A Dynamic Pricing Strategy

In the Online World, Pricing is the first driving factor towards getting a sale. If you have a competitive price, the user is going to surely see your website even if he is not aware of your brand. Google Merchant Center, Amazon and other pricing Engines have made the life tough for any branded eCommerce products venture.

You need to have a meticulously planned dynamic pricing strategy which keeps on changing your prices based on your Stock, Supply Chain, Real time stock availability with your suppliers, age of dollars invested in the inventory. provides a very effective service in this regard.


Domain Expertise of Auto Parts is not optional

With the auto parts ecommerce market getting mature and its inherent pain point of a huge number of products, various car models, various brands in the same product line has made it mandatory that all of your teammates are domain experts too. You cannot leave your product management to a generic data entry operator or a generalized ecommerce management experience.

Managing Auto Parts Ecommerce is very different from managing a clothing or toys store. Manufacturers do provide the lengthy excel sheets, but still it needs an experienced team and acumen to effectively list and market the products.

Get engaged with a trusted outsourcing partner who can handle all this for you.


Effectively Position Your White Label Products With Branded Ones

Have you already invested in labeling / manufacturing products under a brand name owned by you?

Did you try putting it on Amazon/Ebay to get your brand awareness?

Did you effectively engage your existing branded products customer base?

Let us brainstorm more ideas for you on how to place these products in the market.

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