Turbo Lister -The feature rich Product Listing Tool from eBay

While selling products on eBay, the most challenging task is listing the items with the “Sell your Item” form, where all the relevant details, images, SEO-friendly titles are used. Under the time-constraints whether you are running a brick & mortar store or a large business, this task is mandate & need to be considered. This is combated with the introduction of a new feature from eBay, i.e. Turbo Lister which is an efficient eBay Listing Tool which comes with free download and design in such a manner that even the online sellers who have less technical knowledge can gain more benefits from this tool by getting the listing of product professionally & even editing them in bulk.

Now have this exciting feature of Turbo Lister for your site as well & for more Product Listing Services, you can freely communicate with the Matrid E-commerce Experts.

Vital features of Turbo Lister :

1) Without the use of HTML, the product listings can be created with professional look with the help of design editor & templates of Turbo Lister.

2) Existing listings of product can be duplicated with Turbo Lister even get saved for reuse.

3) eBay Turbo Lister, acts as an offline tool where the products listing can be created & edited in bulk. Once done it can be uploaded to eBay in one go.

4) Active listings on eBay can be edited or get revised also.

5) Listing can be controlled in a better manner with Active Listing Activity View feature. Online sellers of eBay can have multiple profiles & even the multiple listing of products.

6) Saved items can be organised in folders & even the saved items can be imported from SA basics.

7) Security is not compromised while using this feature of Turbo Lister, as online merchants have to complete their online log-in procedure with “Authorization & Authentication”. eBay also play vital role in maintaining the security layer for the sellers.

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Technical Requirements the nee to be met installing Turbo Lister :

1) Microsoft Windows supported computer (Windows 7, Windows XP, and Vista. Windows 8 is highly recommended)

2) RAM with 256 MB(minimum 128 MB)

3) Free disk space of 500 MB(minimum 250 MB)

4) Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

Starting off your website on eBay cannot become simpler without this Turbo Lister feature. Feel free to install the Turbo Lister with the required features with the easy Turbo Lister Support of Matrid E-commerce Experts. You can even ask our Matrid Business Analysts & E-commerce Experts for eCommerce Development Services & queries, for fetching the best eCommerce Solutions for your website & stores.