Tylko has shown the way:

Furniture Customization is going to rule


Tylko, a Polish Furniture company came out with a remarkable model, delivering an Award winning technology of Furniture customization as a Web and Mobile App.

Buyers are used to evaluate a furniture purchase decision after buying and placing it in their homes, Tylko made it possible before buying it. Apart from personally designing your own furniture, the app allows you to view it virtually, evaluate, restyle and re-design it till you find the best required option, Finally, Tylko just build it exactly as requested. A stunning way for consumers to be their own designer.

With the rise in the tech dependent and creative minded population, a demand for the ability or personally customizing furniture according to the available compact living spaces in the cities has been on an exponential rise as a response to which demand, Tylko, the Polish Furniture company came out with this remarkable model.

With ambition at heart and technology at hand, a group of highly experienced entrepreneurs with backgrounds in design, architecture, technology and business launched Tylko in 2015 with the objective of providing customers with bespoke furniture. The Tylko Team consists of:

Hanna Kokczynska, Head of Production | Mikolaj Molenda, Head of Design | Jacek Majewski, Head of Product | Benjamin Kuna, Head of Business Development

Overwhelmed by their vision, notable international investors like Paua Ventures, Jos White, Joanne Wilson, Ulrich Otto and Marcus Segal made a PRELIMINARY INVESTMENT OF EUR 2 MILLION.

Tylko Furniture Customisation on Web
Customize a product according to your requirements
Augmented Reality Preview
Place and view live furniture how it looks at your place though Tylko app
The Result:

The web and app strategy was very well received and highly praised in the industry. Their success being marked by the following milestones:

The Tylko Team was bestowed the “Best Technical Achievement” award at the LAUNCH festival, 2014 in San Francisco.

Tylko was given the grant of the “Best Business and Design Strategy” by Design Alive Magazine, 2015

In a recent survey, Tylko’s Net Promoter Score reached +77 classifying them higher than Amazon.

*The net promoter score is a standard way of measuring customer loyalty. Higher NPS typically translates to higher sales, referrals and lifetime customer value.

But Why?
Well, according to a research conducted by Bain and company in 2013, the market inclination dictated the following results:
Consumers who can customize a product are more engaged and spend more than those who buy standard products The key engagement metrics are as follows:
Customers are willing to pay 20% more for customized products
than their standard equivalents
and many companies are already successfully charging higher premiums.

Tylko has already begun rousing this trend in the market as many of its counterparts have begun working on being able to provide these functionalities to their customers. The current populace is increasingly getting acquainted with finer strategies or engagement as companies strive to entice them with their brand stories. Tylko is just the commencement of a wave of such technological revolutions in the industry that others will have to learn from.

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