Why Pinterest, World Bank, Fox Sports and many others favoured XAMARIN as their App Development Platform


  • THOUSANDS OF COMPANIES using xamarin:
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    THOUSANDS OF COMPANIES using xamarin:

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The Microsoft owned Xamarin is a pretty amazing framework. It is completely based on Dot Net while being able to produce native looking Android, iOS and Windows apps at the same time, apps that are compliant with the distribution requirements of Google Play, iOS App Store and Microsoft Store.

Thousands of notable businesses worldwide use Xamarin to build, test and deliver powerful apps. This is because the framework has irrefutably the remarkable advantages over its counterparts.

Here below are some of the renowned organizations that use Xamarin as their platform of App Development instead of using the Native Apps for their extensively used Apps.


Three Apps at the Price of One

Lesser code, shorter development lifecycle and requirement of fewer developers, together result in significantly low cost for 3 apps.

Pinterest’s mobile app was an efficient extension of the website to the mobile platform.

  • Using the pinterest mobile app, users now pin billions using their phones.
  • The mobile app successfully delivered a more handy user experience similar to their website.
  • The Xamarin app was available to all mobile users at a significantly low management cost for the ever evolving Pinterest App.


Real Devices, Automated Testing, Perfect Quality Assurance

The Xamarin Test cloud offer upto 2,000 real devices for testing. It provides automated testing for every change and environment.

The World Bank got a Xamarin app developed to carry out its data collections survey.

  • The app is used to collect data from tens of thousands of people across 30 countries.
  • It uses a complex core logic that asks questions based on previous answers.
  • Xamarin Test cloud helped them assure the app worked smoothly in different environments and networks.


Shared Logic, Enables 3X Faster Development

Since most of the logic is shared, the app development lifecycle is cut to nearly 1/3rd of what it might have taken originally.

The Fox Sports Mobile App is used to engage users before, during and after game days.

  • It allows users to customize their home scoreboards.
  • They can watch game highlights and receive customized push notifications.
  • The Xamarin app was able to quickly replace the original Android app without causing significant app downtime.


One Code, Delivers Three Native Apps

The core logic is the same across Android, iOS and Windows. Only the code for the native UI is different for all.

Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort Europe app uses IoT to promote customer loyalty.

  • The app gives them control over their Honeywell Thermostats.
  • The thermostat can be controlled from anywhere in the world.
  • All users enjoy a native app interface that they’re comfortable with.


Single Development for a Market of Three

Since Xamarin apps can work on Android, iOS and Windows simultaneously, it is open to a much wider market in a very small time.

OlO is a custom branded app for over 150 restaurants like Applebees, Wingstop, Five Guys etc.

  • It offers a seamless food ordering, delivery and pickup experience.
  • It has a user base of over 30 million users.
  • Development in Xamarin helped Olo reach to a much wider market very quickly.


Simple Development, Real Testing, No Bugs

The simplicity of C#, Xamarin’s development language and its comprehensive test cloud leaves no room for bugs to occur.

With Siemen’s desktop software as foundation, the company launched an app to expand its reach.

  • The Siemens Catchbook App allows users create complex models and product sketches.
  • Designers or Engineers can use their stylus or finger gestures to do so.
  • The simple development of the Xamarin app ensured seamless running of the code intensive app.

Xamarin is gaining more and more attention and with good reason which has been proved by the examples above. There are over 15,000 major companies in various industries that rely on the offerings of Xamarin.

In a world where a variety of platforms coexist, a toolset that supports multiple platforms with minimal duplicate work is definitely a great asset.

If major organizations like the ones mentioned above believe on the capabilities of Xamarin, What’s Stopping You?

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