Nowadays, healthcare-related organizations and facilities like hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, laboratories, pharmacies besides others are facing multiple challenges which have made it difficult for them to sustain themselves and grow. Providing fast, better and efficient treatment and healthcare to patients at a lower cost, serving remotely located patients, improving medical and administrative procedures and operations, better managing patient, medical and other data, reducing costs, generating more revenue, increased competition from other healthcare businesses and complying with the established regulatory standards are some of the main challenges faced by the healthcare organizations.

To effectively deal with such challenges, healthcare institutions need to adopt the latest trends and technologies. Among these technologies, ASP.Net leads the pack on account of its various capabilities like being open-source, free and cross-platform, availability of a number of components for building enterprise applications, easy maintainability, secure code, providing administrators the ability to customize access and authority permissions and scalability. These capabilities have made ASP.Net the preferred choice of developers and the healthcare organizations wanting to build high performance, fully functional and dynamic dot net websites, enterprise applications, B2B portals and software for streamlining their operations and processes and for providing better treatment and care to their patients.

The solutions provided by ASP development are not only enabling healthcare businesses to better deal with the problems and challenges faced by them, but are also helping them increase the scope of their services by allowing them to tie up and work together with other healthcare providing institutions. Also, the solutions are helping these businesses to create new opportunities for healthcare innovation and research as well as revenue generation. Let’s see how:

1. Healthcare enterprise application

Healthcare Application

An enterprise application built with ASP.Net technology can help to seamlessly connect multiple medical and other departments in a hospital like gastroenterology, paediatrics, intensive care, anaesthesia, operating rooms, radiology, laboratory, accounting section, administrative block, etc. The application can capture relevant, precise and updated data round the clock. The data captured by it can include electronic health records, administrative data, claims data, health surveys and clinical trials data.

So the same data can be easily and securely accessed by physicians and other related personnel of various departments. Analysing the patient and medical data help the doctors to do better planning and decision making over the treatment and healthcare to be given to inpatients and outpatients. Also, the hospital can use the data for improving its current medical and administrative processes, operations and procedures.

Through the enterprise application, the hospital can share the gathered disease, patient and treatment-related data with medical research agencies who will use it for researching and formulating new, innovative and more effective medical techniques, technologies and procedures. Also, this data can be used by pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers to conduct research for formulating new medicines and diagnostic and treatment equipment and tools.

With doctors in a hospital getting easy access to patient records through the enterprise application, patients need not bring their registration forms, lab reports and other related documents whenever they visit the hospital. So they need not waste their time in routine processes like entering their health-related information into computers, authenticating their billing information, etc. This saved time can be utilized by doctors towards focusing better on studying and analysing the diseased condition of patients. Thus, they are able to provide better quality and more effective treatment and healthcare to the patients.

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2. Appointment web application

Appointment web application

A web application developed in ASP.Net can be used by patients for booking appointments conveniently with a doctor through their device. Once they have booked an appointment with a doctor, the application will send them reminders as their date of appointment approaches. So the patients will not miss their visit to the doctor. While the application helps doctors avoid no-shows and loss of revenue due to them, it enables patients to visit a doctor at a time which is suitable to them. Thus, they need not waste their time standing in queues at a hospital or clinic.

3. B2B healthcare portal

B2 healthcare portal

A B2B portal for healthcare domain, built through ASP.Net helps to provide marketing, networking and buying and selling opportunities to the associated businesses. These businesses include service providers like hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres as well as wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers of medicines and diagnosis, pathology lab and medical instruments. Through the portal, healthcare businesses are able to promote their products among a wider network of buyers and sellers which come from various parts of the world. The businesses are able to discover lucrative revenue generation opportunities by finding the right buyers or sellers easily and selling their products to them or buying products from them.

The B2B portal can also be used by hospitals and clinics to find collaboration opportunities with other hospitals, clinics, laboratories, diagnostic centers, etc. So they can enhance their reach to more patients in a particular geographical area for providing treatment and healthcare to them. They can also collaborate on providing medical treatment and facilities to the patients located in remotely located areas. These patients are unable to visit hospitals situated in other areas due to a huge distance or gravity of their disease.

4. Healthcare software

Healthcare software

A software like a pharmacy information system which is built in ASP.Net, helps pharmacists of a pharmacy department to provide better patient care. It enables them to supervise and know how a particular medicine is being used in a hospital.

The system enables pharmacists to perform monitoring of interactions between drugs, allergies caused by drugs and other complications related to medication use.

The pharmacy information system allows pharmacists to better manage prescriptions provided for inpatients and outpatients. On receiving the prescription orders, pharmacists match them with pharmaceutical products in stock and dispense them accordingly on the basis of whether the patient is of inpatient or outpatient category. The system enables pharmacists to keep track of all the prescriptions passing through it. They can know the doctor or pharmacist who prescribed a particular drug, the time of its prescription and the time of its dispensation.

The system can also be used for managing the profiles of patients. The profiles contain information about the current and past medications consumed by patients, drug-related allergies suffered by them and their physiological parameters. These profiles are used for the purpose of clinical screening whenever a prescription is ordered for the patient.

The pharmacy information system can be used for generating reports which can provide insights about medication usage patterns in a hospital and the cost of purchasing and dispensing drugs.

The system is also able to interact with other systems used in a pharmacy unit like clinical information systems which are utilized for receiving prescription orders and financial information systems that are used for charging and billing.

Similarly, a laboratory information system is a customizable software built in ASP.Net which is used for receiving, processing and storing the information generated by medical laboratory processes. The system is able to interface with instruments and other relevant information systems like a hospital information system that are being used in a medical facility. The use of the laboratory information system enables laboratory facilities to comply with the standards established for the exchange of information between medical applications and the standards set by the government for protecting sensitive data of patients.

In this way, ASP.Net solutions are helping doctors in hospitals and clinics provide better quality and more effective treatment and healthcare to patients. Also, the solutions are enabling hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations expand the scope of their services by letting them collaborate with other healthcare institutions in providing services to more and remotely located patients. By letting businesses like manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of medicines and medical equipment connect and network with each other, the solutions are helping them find the right buyers and sellers with ease, thus leading to the discovery and tapping of profitable revenue generation opportunities.

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