All In One Farmhouse Solution

Find how Matrid Technologies helped a US based Farm House build an integrated Farm Solution catering all of its IT requirements in a single solution.

Client was using various systems to meet diverse requirements of a farm house selling its products online, through farmers markets, on farm, delivering it through couriers, its own VANS and much more.

We developed an integrated system to cater to its following diverse requirements with a single application

  • Inventory Management
  • eCommerce Solution
  • Delivery Van Management Solution
  • CSA Solution
  • Pickup, Sorting and Delivery
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Routing and Scheduling Solution
  • CSA Recurring Facility
  • Automation of Recurring Payments, Reminders

The end result of our solution was that the client was able to manage everything on the farm with the help of minimum staff and without any hassle. They were quick to scale up without upgrading its costly US manpower costs.

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